pc hell

well … my new graphics card arrives so does the new 750w power supply … easy install … just remove my old power supply and 960gt … slot in the new power supply and 1070ti and bobs your uncle … but no, my main ssd just dies so now its whole re-install of windows, DCS, elite and messing about with steam :disappointed:


Aaaaw, man. :frowning:

Always at the best time, ain’t it? Oh well, at least SSD’s aren’t getting nailed by the same price hikes as GPUs right now.

I had to like, but sorry to hear this. Well since you’re in there with no windows install… Might as well do a motherboard and CPU swap!

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Exactly, I’m a huge believer in turning these types of situations into opportunities to make your life better. If you’d like some examples I’ll start listing them off but in the case of PC failures I kinda think to myself, “Wooohooo! Time for an upgrade!”. :smiley:

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Odd coincidence…a PSU and GPU swap and the SSD dies? Almost sounds like a power surge.
If it was a mobo swap, I’d find it more logical.

Already did that end of last year … this was the final part of the full rebuild :disappointed:

Same here … And it had to be the windows drive … Oh well trying the customer service for SanDisk on a return so will see what happens

You really thought there was an end to the PC upgrade-life-cycle? AHHAHAHAHAHAHA


As a side note, I clone my OS drive every once and a while using the free Acronis software …

… so I can recover from a main OS drive failure by just switching my boot drive to the clone. By default the MBR is kept intact (master boot record). I think the last time I tried this was off a 128GB thumbdrive!

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