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Prices are pretty much equal for me, but I’ve been using this website to compare the different GPU’s:


Hey pals, I need a suggestion. I want a new Keyboard- mine is literally getting stuck all the time.

It was a cheap-o keyboard but sleek and with blue LED backlighting. Each key actually had the letter/number/stuff perfectly readable at night.

I was looking at Gearbest- what do you suggest?
I heard that Mechanical Keyboards are the best, any further tips?


They’re great, however- I highly recommend buying the silencing O-rings. They prevent your kids/beau/spouse/dog/cat/neighbors from killing you after being driven mad by the constant “CLAKCLAKAKAKCLACLALCLACKACKALCLAKCACLAK”-ing you’ll generate with joy. :slight_smile:

There’s a bunch of guides out there to mechanical switch types and what each is ‘best’ at doing, but really it’s personal preference. Brands to check out would be WASD, Ducky, or Das (although I hear Das’ build quality has declined recently).

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You guys… I did a thing…


Congrats man! Great card.

I have the same, it is fast enough to do VR. It doesn’t do great at it, but it does it. Welcome to the desert of the real bro.



dont blame me that I revisited this thread! I was encouraged to do so :slight_smile:

In the light of unavailability of new GPUs I am wondering if it makes sense to upgrade CPU these days.

I have i7-9700F what is socket 1151. The max I can fit there, according to local market availability, is i9-9900KF (‘F’ because it is cheaper than pure ‘K’).

Because when I see vids like this I am not that sure at all (notice the difference in FPS between stock 9700K and overclocked 9700K).
Also single core performance benchmark shows 3001 points for 9900KF and 2839 for 9700F (not a big difference I would say).

Rest of my PC is :
RTX 2070S

Would the CPU upgrade be just diminishing returns? Maybe CPU + MoBo would be the solution?

DCS doesn’t need the cores presently, and they are hyperthreads on the 9900’s anyhow. May help if you multitask.

For the dollar value I wouldn’t bother unless you want the KF for the K (unlocked) portion so you can overclock, even if that’s down the road some.

At this point in time, I’d say bank the funds for the next real big CPU leap - as that will require a new motherboard and potentially new RAM if we see a DDR5 come out anytime soon.

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Did I not read that Intel Gen 11 was near? Would that not mean new Motherboard Pcie 4.0 (DDR5 euwh!!) :grinning:

definitely, but after I watched above video I am not that sure about the added value. I mean I cant see any significant improvement there between 9700 at 4.3 and 9700 at 4.9.

Boy! This is the shortest upgrade cycle that I have ever had.

About a year ago my tax return got me the following:

BLU-RAY writer
Core I5 7500
ASUS Prime Z270-P
Cryorig C7 CPU Cooler Low Profile
64GB DDR4 Kingston 2666 HyperX RAM 4x16GB modules
1 TB Intel 660p SSD
2 TB Intel 660p SSD
Cooler Master MasterWatt 750W power supply
Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer cabinet

Then December 2020 I got a pleasant surprise.

In Denmark by law an amount of 12,5% of our income before taxes, is put aside to be paid out for 5 weeks of vacation. They have changed how and when we can get those money and in doing so, they earmarked 5 weeks from all of us and planned on doling them out once we reach pension age.

Due to the Covid situation and to get the wheels running, they decided to let us decide whether to have 3 weeks worth of the vacation funds right a way or wait for the pension.

I decided to get my 3 weeks and that gave me the following and some other stuff:

Preorder PointCRTL with extras EA (Still on the waiting list)

HP Reverb G2
Asus RTX 3070 Dual OC
CPU I7 7700K
Arctic MX-4 Thermal compound 8g
2x LogiLink - USB 2.0 Fast Charge hub
Logitech G29
TM MFD Couger
4x4 Ansmann AA 1,6V Ni-Zn Battteries
2x Ansmann AA/AAA Ni-Zn charger
(Batteries are for the HP Reverb G2 controllers)

Now it is time for another tax return and they have also offered to let us get the last 2 weeks of vacation funds. I already have the vacation funds and the tax return will arrive on 9. April.

So now I have ordered the following:

ASUS Prime Z390-A Mainboard

Intel I9 9900K CPU (Picked this one over the I7 9700K, as I can use the Hyperthreading and multicore performance for my video editing and my planned 3D modelling and animation.)

CORSAIR Obsidian Series 750D Cabinet (To get room for a possible future GPU upgrade, the CM Storm Enforcer with my use of BLU-RAY drive, HDD’s and HDD docking stations only barely have room for a 2 blower GPU card.)

I failed to consider the space needed for the BLU-RAY drive and HDD docking stations so I have bought a ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 that I can’t use as there won’t be room for it at the top.

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 AIO Liquid cooler
2x WD Elements 4TB Portable USB 3 HDD’s
2x Seagate Guardian Barracuda 4TB 2.5” HDD’s

I am going to use the RTX 3070 and GTX 1070 together with the Intel 660p SSD’s and some of my old 3.5” HDD’s in the new build.

CPU, Mainboard and ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 arrived the day after I bought it. The rest will be dribbling in after Easter.

Soon time to do the upgrade dance, so I hope that Win 10 will be mildly mannered when it comes to reactivation. Fortunately I have a full Windows 10 Pro version and not an OEM.

Happy Simming


Whaaatt ??

Great rig btw.

Okay, that was not so clear.

This will explain it better. Look at the Holiday Pay section.

Thank You.
It will be the most up to date rig that I have ever had.

I am looking forward to it.

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I picked up the CORSAIR Obsidian Series 750D Cabinet and the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 cooler today.

Now I am just waiting for the PSU and HDD’s to arrive.

I will probably install the CPU, Cooler and Mainboard into the cabinet over the next couple of days.

Happy Simming

I’m finally back. After 5 years I’m ready to give up my faithful Razer Blade 2016 (it’s going to the studio for lighter work) and Core V2 EGPU combo (that will be useful to rig a Blackmagic card onto the laptop).

Reality has made me stick to the 1080ti I had in it for a little longer, but I’m building a new PC.

Ryzen 5900x
Aorus Pro 550M Motherboard
32GB 3200Mhz DDR4
980 Corsair NVMe
NZXT Kraken 240 AIO
Corsair Rx 850w PSU
NZXT H710i Case (I want my CPU on the floor so I figured let’s get a big case and let everything breathe in there.

All back(except the silver on my 1080ti - dammit crypto) no RGB stealth build.

Stuff is coming little by little as it was all bought on Amazon, but I have a pretty processor box to stare all weekend…


So far this is serving me well:

Computer Specs:

Ryzen 7 5800X

Corsair 115i Pro RGB

4x RGB 140mm fans

1x 120mm fan

AM4 X470 Motherboard

32GB DDR4 3200 Ryzen CERT RAM (4x 8GB)

EVGA RTX 2070 XC Ultra 8GB

EVGA Super Nova 750w Gold - Fully Modular Power Supply

Samsung 970 EVO 500GB SSD - M.2 PCIe


3TB Hard Drive PCIe

USB 2.0 card (3x USB 2.0 ports)

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Gaming Chair:


Human Interface Devices (for MSFS / X Plane 11.5 ):

Switch Panel

Auto Pilot Panel

Radio Panel


Rudder Pedals

Throttle Quadrant


Dan did you get the air flow model?
Is there lots of room for cabling or just enough? (behind MB)

No. Unfortunately I only just discovered the option about an hour before you posted your question.

If I had known I would have gotten it. I have looked for the upgrade kit but I have only found it in GB for 16£ and the taxhandling fee alone will double the price + another 25 % of the price and shipping fee.

For now I think I will just use it without the frontpanel.

There is a lot of room. From MB wall to outer panel is 3cm except with the cable strip mounts, there it is about 2.5cm.

Happy Simming

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Is this a PC part? :grin:

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