PC upgrade for DCS

Quick question for the PC experts here, If all goes to plan I am looking to upgrade my gpu, at the moment i am running a 3060ti with a ryzen 9 5900x running a quest 2

I am looking at either the

Nvidia 4070ti super
rx 7900xt

any thoughts on which would be better ?

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If the VR stutter on the 7900XT is solved, they’re very close. Unfortunately, it’s not.

unnecessary details

If you’re interested in raytracing, the 4070Ti Super is the better choice.

If you’re considering using Linux, the RX 7900 XT is the better choice (anything from Cyberpunk 2077 to PS3 emulation runs significantly better (10-20% or more) on Linux than Windows, but not for Nvidia).

For bog-standard rasterized Windows gaming on high resolutions, the RX 7900 XT is about 5% faster, but DLSS looks better than FSR.

I’m sorry, I wrote most of this before I realized that we’re talking VR. As of my attempt last Summer, the RX 7900 XT still had latency issues that made it unusable for DCS in VR. Judging from the AMD forums, the VR stutter is still not solved: although last Summer’s driver update improved the situation somewhat, the 7900XT and XTX still perform worse than the 6900XT in VR. The issue is probably due to the chiplet architecture not being mature enough yet. AMD’s Ryzen processors had a similar childhood, where they were very performant with their chiplets, but latency remained an issue for the first 2 generations.

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Could well be decision made then … nvidia here we go

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I think the advice still stands that a 3080ti or 3090 is preferable to the 4070.


Here I am still staggering along on my 2080Ti… Actually…I’m still pretty happy with it. One of those early adopter things that seemed expensive at the time…but has kept up pretty OK over the years…


I recall when you purchased it; I was observing with envy, my 1080 chugging along, unable to stomach the cost (compared to previous years).

But finally had to do it, due to VR, and still ended up spending too much on a 3080Ti (2080ti’s cost about the same then if you could find one). Ug. But it’s still holding on after 2+ years. Hopefully Vulkan extends this time a little.


If VR requires more VRAM than 2D, then an older higher-end card will you do better than a newer lower-end one because of the consistent inclusion of more than 8GB.
The two other considerations are power consumption (lower end need less so fewer worries about PSU, so a 2080Ti I’m fairly sure uses more than say a 4070 even if 2D performance is better for 4070) and ray tracing ability. Of course, no sims use RT right now, but that may not always be the case.
RT on the 20x0 series caused a much more significant performance hit than on the 30x0 series which is more than the hit on the 40x0 series. I’m sure the AMD cards are similar in how 2nd gen did over 1st, 3rd over 2nd, etc. I don’t recall when AMD got it.

So if you want to play games other than DCS that have RT, a newer card will do better than older. If you do not, you’ll have fewer issues with an older one.


Meanwhile I’m considering crossgrading from my RTX 3080 10GB to an RX 6900 or 6950 XT.
Not sure yet which one is better to bridge the gap to the next VR-capable AMD GPU.
Their current value on the used market seems pretty close. The 3080 has the advantage of DLSS and better raytracing (AMD raytracing performance generally lags one generation behind Nvidia), while the AMD 69*0XT cards have slightly higher fps in Windows but much higher under Linux (benefiting from amazing Steam Deck console-like optimizations). Maybe the increased VRAM (16GB) will be more futureproof too. Especially with the higher memory bandwidth on the -50.

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I’m going to be in the market in the near future myself- so I should look for a 3080 or -90?

Do you use a monitor at 1080 or 1440? Don’t bother with a 3090.
If you use VR or 4k, you’d likely prefer the 3090. But they take a ton of power so check your PSU.

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They seem to run hot too. My 3080Ti does and while I don’t have a 4080x I understand they improved things in those areas.

My 3080ti doesn’t run all that hot, and if you’re considering VR I would most definitely go with the 3090. DCS loves lots of VRAM.

Yes to that X2.

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I’m having issue with my 9 990K overheating. Changed the cooler as mine was leaking at the radiator and its still running around 85-99 degrees under load.

Is it throttling down due to heat? If not, then it’s not “overheating” just because it runs on the warm side of average temps.
Due to minute differences in manufacturing tolerances not every chip runs the same speed or temp. Before variable clocks every chip was guaranteed to run at its listed speed but if you could get it higher, maybe it would, maybe it wouldn’t.

Now CPUs will run different cores at different speeds and clock down below 1GHz and then spike to 1GHz higher than rated making the “listed” clock speed…well…


Is 100 degrees ok? Because that seems on the high side to me. It immediately cools to 38-50 when load is removed

It doesnt seem to be throttling down since the mew cooler went on

I think Tj on the 9900K is rated to 100 deg C maximum… what is the new cooler? I didn’t think that chip was so hard to cool? I guess also what frequency are you running it at, since it’s an unlocked chip…?

Edit: and is this 100 degrees maximum under test software like Linpack or in actual gaming?

Its a H60 corsair but ive doubled up the fans front and back of the cooler. Its the same setup that was on there before and never caused an issue (although, i havent checked the temps on it for a while before the failure)

I’m a little concerned about it. Would high temp and clearly a working cooler be a symptom of a dying cpu? It runs absolutely fine since the new cooler, played far cry 5 last night for a couple hours and it was zero issues at all but the temps were logged between 85-100 when I shut it down.

Its a little odd. Because it works fine since i changed cooler. It thermal shutdown itself when my boy was playing Command and Conquer and i stripped it down to check and had a very slight leak from the radiator and i tore it out straight away and ordered another one the same


I’d start by checking the bios settings, it might be smashing the CPU with 1.35V (or whatever the max safe voltage for the 9900K is) all the time. But I’ve not personally overclocked this particular chip sorry.

Just to completely rule out common mistakes and equipment faults, I’m sure you removed the protective plastic from the coldplate on the cooler pump (if the H60 has that from new)? And the AIO pump is running (you can feel the vibration in the tubes for example)?

Is the H60 has a single 120mm fan? So you’re running two fans now?

It doesn’t sound right to me. It sounds like the chip is overheating under load and throttling itself. But that cooler is smaller than what I have experience with. But it should be OK surely?


And sorry just to make sure I understand - the chip is still going quickly to 100 centigrade quickly when under load in a game?

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