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On Sunday, May 30th, PCA Sim Racing is having its Le Mans charity event supporting US and Canadian Service Veterans. Our friend Doug “@guod” Atkinson (PCA Sim Racing Chair), former SimHQ owner, personal mentor, and good friend, is integral to the organization of the event. They already have entrants for the event, but are looking for support in the form of donations and pledges.

Sadly, twenty-two veterans commit suicide each day. Whatever you can give will help Operation Motorsports provide opportunities for disabled, injured, and medically retired veterans. Donations are tax deductible.

You can pledge via this secure link - scroll down to select your favorite PCA Sim Racing Team and pledge per lap for a specific team or donate a specific amount:

Virtual race for Heroes: Supporting Operation Motorsport - PledgeIt.org

It only seems appropriate that Mudspike has donated $100 to Mach 2 Motorsports to support the event. You can read about the veteran they are racing for HERE.

Famed Radio Le Mans broadcast announcer, John Hindhaugh, is joining the broadcast announcers team for this charity event. The live broadcast will be available here:

Operation Motorsport is a veteran-led nonprofit serving USA and Canadian, injured and wounded Service Members and disabled Veterans, affected by military service and was founded on the basis of three simple words: Excite, Engage, and Empower.

Operation Motorsport provides a range of Motorsports opportunities through their Motorsport Immersion and Diversionary Therapy Programs, that engage beneficiaries and provide a new sense of Team, Identity, and Purpose, aiding in their recovery and rehabilitation.

PCA’s Carolinas Region is hosting a special event broadcast sim race to support the charity Operation Motorsport. The race will be held at the virtual version of the world-famous Le Mans circuit. The event is a partnership between Carolinas Region and PCA Sim Racing. Spectators can watch the best sim racers from both PCA Sim Racing and Operation Motorsport programs compete for victory and bragging rights. Each team will have two racers, conducting driver changes, pit stops, and using real-world endurance racing strategies. The live broadcast will include special guests, surprises, and an opportunity to support the members of Operation Motorsport with financial contributions.


$50 to Mach 2! Really!? 22 service-members a DAY?


Worthy cause!


Thank you all for contributing and helping.

Thank you Chris for posting this. These people are the real deal and do some wonderful work.

22 vets commit suicide each day. That is so damned sad.


BUMP to remind everyone of this worthwhile event tomorrow on this special weekend. Broadcast goes live tomorrow at 7PM Eastern…

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Congrats to Mark Harris for the Group C win for our Mudspike sponsored team - Mach Two Motorsports…!! Also finishing in the Top 10 overall…outpunching their class against the other groups! Awesome event…

Catch the replay here - it is fantastically commentated and filmed…


Interview with Doug @guod Atkinson (former SimHQ owner) time-stamped here:


Thank you, Chris, and everyone who was able to help this wonderful group! The final total is $17,366!


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