Pein HOTAS mounts. Amazon

My package came in two days before I fly out for training.
Got this on Amazon.!
I’m about to do my first ever center stick flight. 20190414_012107|666x500

J-Pein The Steel Desk Mount for The Flight sim Game Joystick, Throttle and hotas Systems. Fully Support Almost All of Flight sim Game Hand-Control Devices. (not Include Game-Device)


Try a side mount, too. Easy enough to move it! Nice.

I’m looking to grab that too. $176 for a pair to Canada. Then I have to add 30% for USD to CAD…$230.00ish.


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A center mounted stick makes a huge difference. You are going to love it!

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Just had a go online in il2 GB. Most successful missions ever. The centralized stick is something I’ve been wanting for Years. So much more comfort especially in vr. This set is nice. I’ll keep it!



Howdy, I saw these on Amazon but took a pass. While the price is attractive they ‘look’ a little flimsy compared to other mounts. How are they in regards to sturdiness and adjustability?


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That has been my reason for procrastinating on purchasing something like this. Also, if the mounts are sturdy enough, my desk may not be. Purchase the mounts then have to purchase a new desk. :thinking:

While I can’t comment on this particular mounting solution, I have the MonsterTech equivalent and it is rock solid.

Just in case you haven’t read my thoughts on the MonsterTech’s:

Another, very similar equivalent is the FoxxMount, which uses slightly smaller/thinner construction.

From what I can see here, the Pein set has the advantage of being compatible with pretty much every HOTAS right out the box, whereas the MonsterTech and FoxxMount need a mounting plate for your specific controllers. Because the Pein set is available through Amazon, you could try it out and, if it doesn’t work for you, returned no questions asked.

Whichever one you go with, I think you will find it a real game changer.

Trying to get MonsterTech in North America you have a very large chunk of shipping and duties/taxes to pay, unfortunately. Then there is also the exchange rate to Euros, which as a Canadian is particularly bad (50% more).

I will admit, the MonsterTech system looks far more robust and versatile (as an entire system with accessories) by comparison.

You are not wrong, shipping was a large chunk of change. The FoxxMounts don’t have that problem though.

Having said that though, the MonsterTechs are a great product, and I certainly don’t regret the investment.

Right now, this is my tentative future mount for the stick:

As you can see in the underside (slightly blurry) view, the metal section (aluminum) that I would need to bolt the base plate to is a bit flimsy…got to think of a way to make that sturdy.

If I can get that going for the stick, I will only need to get a mount for the throttle. Right now I’ve got it sitting on an adjustable shelf unit (steel tube frame) but the height is not right so a desk mount looks to be the way to go.

BTW, I purchased the airline cockpit seat on eBay… it cost considerably more than simple desk mounts…especially with shipping. Its initial purpose was as a “proper” seat for my FSX comer jets, and it works quite nicely for that.

However, now that I’ve made the leap to XP11, I’m not sure I want to get back into “heavy metal”…maybe just GA and some helos. I am definitely not getting into everything and anything…my FSX hangar has something like 1700 individual planes…not counting the ones that I have put out in my digital boneyard. :open_mouth:

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I have spent about 3 hours w this setup. Because of its looks I was concerned about its sturdiness. Not worried anymore. Its rock solid. Once attaced to the desk it has not move or needed to be tightened. Also it is quality steel. Not flimsy or thin. It’s very adjustable. This is not immediately apparent and took some trial and error for me to figure out. I would give the finish on mine a 4 out of 5 stars. There were a couple of chips on the paint. I will touch that up even though you can’t see them. The rest seems like it will last a lifetime. Is it as nice as Monstertech? I doubt it. It’s cheaper. It works. Its added a world of comfort and convenience I’ve been wanting badly. My biggest problem was using the mouse. I used to have to reach across my body w my left had to hold the stick while I used the mouse. Now I can easily use the mouse and fly. If you been on the fence on one of these setups, I’ll say that it is so worth it.


Here is some new additions. I am now super happy w the Pein mount. I added the short Sahaj extension. I then found the Sahaj weak spring that I was using to be too weak. BTW, it was terrific w no extension. So i put the stock spring back in and now i love this. Super precise and easy on my wrist. The hand rest was cut from Dr. Sholl’s shoe insoles. Notice how the stick naturally has angled to my grip. No going back!


What length extension is that?

That’s an 8cm extension. Any longer would need to be a side stick or need a hole in my chair.

Has it really been 3 years!?! Today i replaced my Pein throttle mount w a VPC mount. Pein is a Chinese product that far exceeded my expectation. Its tough steel. Its beena wonderful product since day ONE! I Would Recommend it to anyone looking for a mount. Not just a beginner… Anyone. So why did i replace it? See below… the VPC is adjustable… but did i really need this? Probably Not. Do i like the VPC better… Yes! Is it necessary… No again. So if you want lux get the VPC. For a budget build that will keep you happy for years, get some PAIN… I Mean Pein.