Persian Gulf for DCS World (formally known as Straits of Hormuz)


I was a late adopter to PC’s and it was 2000 before I owned one. Prior to that it was megadrive and PS1.
I loved Acecombat

And for a jaunt around NTTR in a huey I listen to this

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It was a complement made badly.



@smokinhole, I thought it was a very well worded compliment, and I agree with your sentiment. :sunglasses:

Nice post @schurem, sometimes you can stumble across an unexpected moment that is pure poetry. It can be in a real world environment, and increasingly feasible in a computer generatied one too. It’s like climbing a mountain to suddenly get your first glimpse of the stunning view on the othe side, or breaking out on top of a cloud layer at sunset, or that first time you experience sitting in a DCS cockpit in VR. Flying the F5E instant action flight in the NTTR at sunset always makes my jaw drop every time when I fly it in VR…the lighting, the scenery, the cockpit… Adding classical music to that scene would be amazing.

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I too could see the compliment from far away. The highest form of flattery is to ask for more.





I mentioned the game just recently in the other thread: DOSBox Nostalgia Thread

Funny thing is that tomorrow it will be 25th anniversary of its release!

Still a great game.

Anyway, anyone knows if ED is planning DCS Jetman module for upcoming Persain Gulf map?



Dumb post

[this “dumb post” was a long time ago but I just re-read it and see that it looks like I am accusing the post above of being dumb. What I meant was the I deleted a dumb post but the forum software doesn’t allow a post to be empty.]



I think I started with Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat, F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0, and the little-known Jetfighter; the entire game fit on a single 3.5" floppy.

While I was in college, I got into Flanker and the first Jane’s sims like ATF and Navy Fighters. I think my first “holy cow” experience with sims was Jane’s F-15.



Couple more Night Light shots because… why not. These show some civilian traffic buzzing around the Persian Gulf map. Enjoy!



Looks Great!

Is there any chance we could get a zone trigger that makes all those pretty lights turn off? (for when we, hypothetically, level a couple of power plants in our Hornets :smiley: )



I requested that back with Normandy, they had been trying to get it to work, but I havent heard much on it. Will revisit.



Now, that would just be showing off.



Looking great!
The newsletter mentions increased visibility for nightlighting as well.
Are these changes map specific, or will we see the changes in other maps as well?



The wording in the newsletter lead me to believe it is map-specific and will be rolled out to the other maps after Hormuz is released.



Yeah, me too. But I thought things like lighting were on the engine level…



They are, but the amount of light reflected (albedo) and how long a light remains visible apparently is object-bound and therefore contained in the map file. Which I think is fine engineering really because you can get more varied behaviors out of the objects. Think fog, tiny or big lights, etc.



Things like light coloring and intensity, etc are adjusted within the map themselves, so they can be tweaked for the region.



Someone tie @NineLine to a virtual chair and tickle him till he reveals some release dates :male_detective::hammer:



Clever. I like this. Lots.

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Ok, that sounds like clever thinking!

Been a while since I did a night mission, but I seem to remember that light didn’t travel very far, in darkness. But, for all I know, this may have been updated with 2.5. In any case, it certainly would be an important improvement, if corrected.

I also remember how day lighting was a bit too intense, as you could see your landing lights reflect off the surface, in broad daylight. But this got a lot better with deferred shading, so maybe night lights did as well. Must have a look :slight_smile: