Persian Gulf for DCS World (formally known as Straits of Hormuz)

I’m one of those who has been endlessly complaining about flying over the same acreage over and over again, so I’m buying this.

But, that said, I’m not going to get too invested in it.

ED wants to break these size barriers, we are kinda at a wall right now, but the goal is to get beyond it eventually, right now though, for what it is, and what you get, DCS is tough to beat.

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AI wont do anything placed off map. Or that certainly was the case once

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Ft.Rucker…Dear God…The Vertical Possibilities!!!

And it’s only like 130 miles from there to Pensacola.

Just saying.

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But then we’d have Pensacola on a map. One in the world is already too many.


Every Skittle in the fleet trains there. This is a very good point.

Though I did have a very good time at the Floribama Lounge…

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Oh it’s worse, for a while there a significant number of nascent zipper suited sun gods were also churned through there. You’ve got multi-service skittle interaction, a truly terrifying thought.

Just sayin. Sand and pigs… work



I just trawled ten pages of urban dictionary and only came up with (MDMA containing) pills, gay dudes, skanky chicks and a certain kind of candy. WTF you guys on about :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Urban Dictionary has really seen a massive decrease in quality over the last decade and a half or so. Definition #61 was the first right one:

“One of a mass amounts of people who run around on the flight deck of a carrier with no descernable task wearing a shirt with a random bright color on it.”

Sorry for traumatizing you by sending you down that frightening rabbit hole.


This thread took a turn…

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Yeah, sorry about that…

Nah, I was laughing…

Well, as long as we’re off - topic, here’s a video that glorifies the everliving crap out of everybody on a carrier, with the usual omissions.

Pay no attention to the salt - filled comments…


hey isnt scraping excrementt, fat and paper clots out of a toilet utterly glorious when you do it in a decrepit rustberg with a population of 1950 guys and three girls?

aint no thing urbandictionary comes up with that can still traumatize me. i am one jaded old bish lol.

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DCS is supposed to be getting a new carrier, right?

AFAIK, yes. I think its a necessity at this point. Not much point in carrier ops if you cant get back into the air.

Stennis. I mentioned some of my stories about her in the Hornet thread a while back.

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