Personalised Textures - Proposal

I loved watching the pictures and reading about the fly in and I thought…

What if I created personalised textures for long(-ish) time posters here in Mudspike (I basically exclude myself with this but… :wink: ) ?

Let me explain- I would like to allow everyone here to don her/his personal skin during fly-ins or regular flights with the MudSpike Servers (or whose puts her/his to use).

I still owe some friends here and there a free skin so- why not just make it for everyone?
Starting with the site owners/creators, of course… :kissing_heart:

There are basically two ways this could work-
a complete reworked skin according to the taste of the simmer


if the mission is supposed to be more “serious-ish” and not really fit for Kello Hitty Neon pink camo; just a regular skin with personalised items (i.e.: the name under the canopy, a personalised nose art, a kills tag, a specific roundel, low visibility markings, you know what I mean and you know you want this…)

Now, starting time is a bit uncertain as I’ll be in the new apartment after May 15th and probably even longer before I can access fast internet- but I’m pretty sure that:

1- You all can start thinking if this is worth,
2- I can start taking orders,
3- we can devise an honest order-sorting to avoid bad blood,
4- …
5- Profit!

Ehrm, forget point 5…



PS: NavyNuke99, I remember, don’t worry- :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I can add some reference…

A skin I created for another Fellow Simmer in Rise of Flight

Some Nose Art I can come up with

I’ll be looking for more


That’s some nice work there

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Thanks! Odd thing is I know there’s more but for the life of mine I can’t find them.

Well, let’s get a couple of days to gauge the interest and I’ll take it from there.


@komemiute, have I told you yet how glad I am that you’re here?



Gwhahahahah, I can guess so.
IIRC the template for the Mig21Bis HAS been released, right? :wink:


It has been, and it would be awesome if you did! I can imagine the workload being a tad bit high though.

Also, RoF should be on the list for the next fly-inn!


Well, thing is, I can be really fast.
Especially if we talk about adding personalisation to an already existing paint-scheme…

Making a completely new Kello Hitty with hi-rez decal is another subject- but I hardly believe any of you is looking forward to something like that. Except Dart or Parabellum. :smiley:
In any case- I’ve been able to produce textures for nearly everything* so far- I’m not worried. :slight_smile:

Let’s just popular consensus choose the next fly-in and the kind of paint-jobs we need.

*that allows modded textures for models that is

Just so nobody is worried,


I’d do this obviously for free, stop sweating and smile normally. :smiley:


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So you’re telling me there’s a chance… :wink:

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Just saying…

That’s a nice idea @komemiute.

Mind you, looking at your guy’s forum avatars you need some new nose art too - it looks like the subway route of how to get to Brooklyn from Times Square :slight_smile:


You don’t like my Mr T avatar fearlessfrog?!


I do like it, it gives me a warm orange feel - but just don’t want to get you mixed up with the other faceless T’s out there :slight_smile:

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I’ll do my very best. bows :sunglasses:

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I changed it. I CHANGED IT!



I like the idea. How does DCS handle missing aircraft textures? Will it default to a basic one or will it cause issues for someone that doesn’t have it?

It’d obviously be pretty simple just to make a skin pack to download before an event but thinking of the just-in-case somebody forgets situation.

I also like the idea of having high vis pink camo, or whatever floats your boat, as well as a more standardized low-vis paint.

I just wish ED would give you the option to choose your paint upon joining a mission instead being a mission editor option only.

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I hear you.

I dunno if scripting can help with that.
As for conspicuous paint jobs, in the end it’s all about the spirit of the mission.

enter the infamous Mig21Bunny fighter paintjob

Anyway, the more I read comments the more it looks like it’s not too much of a bad idea, uh? :wink:

Now that my ego wrote that check, though…
I really hope I can get to the new apartment soon. :weary:


Great idea! It would be awesome to look at a plane and read the name that’s written below the cockpit to know who’s who.
DCS handles missing aircraft textures very nicely, by using a default livery instead. Side note: It even handles missing 3D models very well. Do you remember the Su-27s in multiplayer when Hawk and Mirage were just released?

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If this isn’t good news! :smiley:
Nice to know- thanks Freak.

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