Pets of Mudspike


Those two would be no good for eating. Too much fat.


Hmm, dog doesn’t want to catch up for some reason (BOOTH STAR contrail for YVR approach fans out there).

Ah. Right. Anyone want to buy a dog, needs a wash, no warranty?


Definitely needs mudflaps…or a RainEx underbody treatment or something.


Hmm. I don’t remember ordering any bears. I hope Mamma doesn’t want them back.


Are they locked in there with you or are you locked in there with them?


We have six cats. In no particular order:
Susan - you may notice that she is the “Face of esci Flightsim Publications” I used this shot for the logo

Sandy is a proud Manx…yes she has no tail.

“No photos! No photos!” This is paparazzi-shy Eggles (Pronoced Egg-els). He is the only male in the bunch. I got his name from the “correct spelling prompt” that my Mac would try to substitute for the Heathrow ICAO code, EGGL

Princess Amber: This is one of her many “Glamor Shots” - very photogenic…with is why she’s the Princess

Nene (pronounced “Nay-Nay”) is or Hawaii cat that joined us when was stationed at Pacific Fleet HQ. We try to name our cats from were we adopted them. “Nene” is the Hawaiian state bird - a goose. Considering that we lived in the middle of Pearl Harbor, it was either that or “Tora, Tora, Tora”

Finally there is or newest edition, Brownie. Se was a feral cat that we took in a couple years ago. Its taken a while but she gets along well with most of the rest of the bunch.


A little video of a temporary pet we had last weekend.


The latest addition to the Rix family, this is Henry.

My wife found him abandoned at the side of our road while she was out running. He was still out there alone almost an hour later when she ran back past the same spot, so she brought him home. He was probably a week to 10 days old at that point. That was three weeks ago.

We also have four dogs and three other cats. They were all waifs and strays that ended up with us one way or another.


+1 for smart mug placement


We’ve got a cat and an Aussie, pictures of both shortly after we got them and more recently.


Sherman. Because of the tank


You sure that’s a house cat @boomerang10? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well as you know we lost our old Collie x Lab and have now decided to get a new puppy as Pixie is really down and seems sad a lot of the time.
So we have ordered a dog pup and its the one on the right

He will be 8 weeks old on the 15th of December,
He is a half cross Bearded Collie/greyhound the same breeding as Pixie


Aww, all 3 of em look adorable!


@Cib I await more puppy pics lol


That is a sweet looking dog.


Just heard from the soon to be ex a few hours ago - Reagan is deteriorating further, and she’s taking her into the vet Monday evening. I’ll see her tomorrow for as long as I can, then I’ll be there at the vet Monday to say goodbye as well. I’ll get some last pictures tomorrow.


This is Ti-Mine (pronounced “Tee-Meen”, french for “small cat”), my trusty co-pilot!

He’s a RAF fan just like me :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to hear that @Navynuke99


Very sorry to hear that @Navynuke99. It’s never easy to say goodbye. It probably seems a small consolation at this point in time but it sounds like you have a lot of great memories of Reagan to hold onto.