Pets of Mudspike


2 new photos of the pup. He is 6 weeks old here and we pick him up next Saturday. Still no further on with deciding on a name :slight_smile:


Awwwwww! So cute!


Mr Snuggles!


Slightly different pets but here are mine - photo is not super recent, but then bee boxes are bee boxes…not cute in the same way as dogs, but you do grow attached to the little hard workers and feel rather fatherly about them!

They are very productive, too - I just harvested 50 kg’s of honey yesterday, I’ve got another 20-30 to go tonight and the summer hasn’t properly even started yet.

We recently gave our city chooks away to a more rural retirement setting, but until last summer these two little pests were also around my backyard, very effectively ‘fertilising’ everywhere, very sporadically laying eggs (again everywhere except in the laying box), eating all the strawberries that weren’t covered by netting and generally being annoying but strangely adorable all the same.

One day I’ll get a nice dog and be normal like you guys :slight_smile:


That’s really cool! Plus I think we’ve narrowed down which hemisphere you live in. :slight_smile:


You need to write a guide to bee keeping. It is something I have hankered after since my college days when we had a glass hive in the lab and a tube outside for their comings and goings :smiley:


I’ve wanted an Apiary for a long, long time- a couple of good friends of mine actually keep bees here, and one of them even used to lease his bees as pollinators to local farms in the area. He also made amazing Mead every winter.

My parents had three hens in New York- they’re funny animals, and I didn’t expect them to be so… bossy. The dogs and cat were terrified of them.


I got some honey from a place over near you - King Cobra Apiary. I flew some anti-venin to the owner after he got bit by a…well…King Cobra… Man, that honey is good!


OH wow! I’ll have to check them out, as I’ll be in Chapel Hill next week for work and play.

Classmate of mine has parents who are beekeepers in Pittsboro- I get a couple of jars off him every year for free. I’ve found that I much prefer the local stuff over anything found in stores.


Also, I would ask how one gets bit by a King Cobra, but the answer to that is quite simply, “North Carolina.”


Looks like the 50 kg spring harvest wasn’t enough, the bees have been busy - I’m gonna need to buy 2-3 more 20-litre buckets for the late summer honey.

Time to brew some honey ale!


There was not a dry eye on this thread Navynuke. Sorry for your loss yet happy that you got to love such an amazing animal.

I WANT A DOG. Unfortunately 12 hour days plus commuting would not be good for an animal to be home alone. But seeing this thread has made me long for my dogs of years past.
Cib, nice puppy.

You guys are so lucky.


The pup is growing fast. He still needs his last injections before he can be in a public place but we have the wood and fields so at least he gets a walk. We had a bad incident when the older dog snapped at him and caused a bit of swelling and a loose tooth but after paying the vet 50 quid to check him out it has been fairly relaxed and the pup follow s pixie every where


That’s a pretty smitten looking doggo there…!


Thanks, @Maico.

There’s an epilogue to this story, I should add.

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me to go with her to an adoption event at a local Brewery, as she was considering fostering another dog. I wasn’t planning on getting a dog yet myself, but I didn’t mind “just looking.”

Fifteen minutes later, I was calling my girlfriend to come meet me at the bar, as I’d fallen in love.

The folks from the rescue agency (Peak Lab) knew me, from previously fostering, failing, and adopting Coraleigh, and one of them saw me walk in, and very quickly pulled me off to the side, where a very new arrival (he’d just come from Mecklenburg County and finished at the vet a couple of hours previous) was sitting patiently on a blanket in a quiet corner, watching everybody pass by, and wagging his tail like he couldn’t possibly ever get any happier.

An hour later, he was in the back of my car, while I’d be “fostering” him.

Mudspike, meet Prince:


He looks like he would appreciate more/ all the belly rubs… lol


Indeed. Especially when he’s sleepy and not running around all over the place. Or when he realizes his human is awake first thing in the morning.


Something tells me the Prince is going to be spoiled. This is good for you and the dog. I’m know we never truly get over loss but we can carry on and make those around us happy.
I just try to make myself bearable… lol


Oh my… his level of adorable is over 9000.


I just cant stop looking at Cib’s last pic. That dog is so cool looking.