PGA Tour 2K21

I wasn’t aware that the PGA Tour franchise was being developed by HB Studios…they were behind The Golf Club and TGC 2019. I’ll probably pick up 2K21 when it goes on sale. I do enjoy some golf gaming.

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yeah 2019 had PGA branding, but as you know it wasn’t very obvious other than the trophies in the career mode.

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This latest one doesn’t have any real appeal to me. This seems to be basically all about branding and putting in official courses.

I know games aren’t only about graphics, but these guys haven’t updated their graphics engine. Looks so dated.

The user made courses are really good and many real like courses are already in. (unless HB deletes them).

Been toying with a sim in my garage, net and all. TGC I think hooks up to it. Need to try one of these launch monitors first as I’m not sure I trust them to be accurate (some YT videos show they can be close however).


If you have VR there is this

always found it a decent option to video golf

I can’t wait to see the rumble motors hooked up to a seat next to your driving range pad so you can emulate the golf cart ride to the ball… :popcorn:


LOL…cept I walk/carry when I play.

Yes, over 60 and golf becomes exercise :wink:

Except in the summer. Then it’s laps in the pool.

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Not with me you don’t…! Leeeeeroooooy Jeeeenkiiinnsss!!!



Just ran through the tutorial, one big change, you can actually see the power % and even better can adjust your aim to reduce power. So if you want to only use 75% power you can do that reliably instead of just sort of guessing.

I’ll play a few rounds this afternoon, but seems like they really retooled things for the better.

Along with power there is also a better visual gauge for timing too

Oh different clubs you can unlock actually have different performance…

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You can turn the new stuff off if you prefer, but just wanted to show a shot of it

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I’ll probably pick this up for when I need a goosfraba moment…

Ya, I keep looking at it… but I have Golf Club 2 or 19 or whatever it is, love it, this one seems to have a lot of microtransactions which I am NOT a fan of… if you look into the add-ons for the game it’s gold clubs, fancy clothing and in game money to buy stuff… so I’m undecided… like I said love and have the last from HB Studios… this seems like a more commercialized product… will see, and let me know. :wink:

Are any of the unlockable clubs behind microtransactions?

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Solely behind microtransactions? Not that I saw, seems the same as '19 where you could buy in-game currency if you really wanted to, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason to do so other than unlocking stuff early.

Double checked, nothing that can’t be got for in-game currency. I played one round of the Q school course, shot something like +19 and managed nearly 1000 coins, so I mean, it’s not like they squeeze you where you feel like buying it instead is a better option like in WoT or WT etc.


Thanks… Ya I understand I don’t NEED to buy them, just personally hate them even in a game. JMO… I hate seeing crap pop up asking me if I want to buy it for so much in game coins. If in the background, out of sight out of mind I’m ok with it.

Just let me know if it’s really so much better then the last Golf Club game. I don’t really do careers and stories in sport games, more play alone on as many courses and locations as possible… I’m busy in my retirement age, busier then ever before. lol

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Is the swing mechanic still the up and back with the X-Box controller? I actually kind of liked that compared to the mouse…

yes, if you have one and haven’t tried it yet, the Steam Controller or the Switch Pro Controller have analog sticks that are far less loose than the Xbox ones imo.

After dropping $160 Canadian on MSFS2020, I was hoping to see PGA2K21 for like $40 LOL!

$80 bucks and $94 for deluxe??!! No thanks.


I don’t think any of them outside the first was even $40 USD let alone Canadian

Yeah. I’m in at $40. $80 is…ouch…

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