Pico 4 Charging

Has anyone else with a Pico 4 found it takes a long time to charge? Seems to be much longer than the Quest 2. The charger I’m using is usually pretty good, but not with Pico.

I tried using the OEM Quest charger, too, and every other one I have but none of them seem to be able to charge it in a couple of hours - yet my Quest 2 is done in an hour.

Can’t say I’ve had any problems.
It looks like the Pico 4 can draw 20watts, is your charger up for that?
Have you tried another cable?

Btw, if you run out of power before you’re done vr’ing, i highly recommend one of these https://www.bobovr.com/product/bobovr-bd2-p4/
I find that it pretty much keeps the internal battery topped up, even when doing PCVR. (I have one of the older ones, before they made one specifically for the Pico 4. Same battery though)


Yes, the charger is a very good one with multiple outlets for all kinds of charging. It does a great job with all my other rechargeable stuff.

I also tried several different chargers and cables, but it’s always been slow to recharge that headset.

I had seen the power product, but decided to stick with my charger packs that I originally bought for the Quest. Didn’t see the point in buying another one, even if it holds more power. I have two charger packs, one 5,000 and one 10,000mAh. I rarely need the big one - the small one gives me an extra 90+ minutes with Quest, but not quite as long with Pico.

I was very surprised to find, in recent days I’ve been playing with the Pico connected to a USB-C output (charger) and it has added very little to the charge of the headset. I mean only a few minutes.

When I use my Quest 2 in that way my sessions always outlast the charge, easily. In fact, it usually keeps almost full charge as long as it’s plugged in.

*here’s my usual charger:


it says 1350W maximum, and 18W on USB A. It only has a voltage output display (which shows 5.18V when charging the Pico 4) and I don’t charge more than 2 devices at once and nothing else with the Pico.

My other mains based one shows 25W max


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25W is the maximum across all ports. Both of those chargers you linked can only supply 2.4A per USB-A port. 2.4A x 5V = 12W.
The USB-C port on the big one can deliver 3.0A (x5V = 15W).

So if you’re only using the USB-A port, or your cable does not support 15W with USB-PD, you are using 60% of the charging speed of the Pico. The Pico probably consumes a lot more than 12 Watts, I would guesstimate about 20-30 W, so that would explain why it drains so quickly even when charging.

Doesn’t matter - thank you.

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