Pictures of War

Dart recounts an adventure over the Pacific Islands in a way that only he can.


Gonna watch this with my morning coffee tomorrow… :coffee: Can’t wait!

That was supremely well done!

That was really good!

That was really enjoyable. Dart has a great documentary / story-telling voice.

Did he do that recently or back in the IL-2 heyday? And it was very nicely done.

Monty-Dan made this video back in 2005. Dart was the charismatic narrator/Zulu 3, but he’s got a voice like Morgan Freeman’s - I could listen to him narrate how to clean fingernails.

He did a bunch of training vids for IL2 back in the day and they were what actually pulled me into the game. Ground attacks on AAA guns, how to line up gun, rocket, and bomb attacks, rolling scissors demo, etc. Great content, excellent delivery.

Plus he’s just one heck of a nice guy. Just don’t ask him to talk about autopilots! :wink:

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