Pitch Dampener

First post. Just sharing a pitch dampener setup, after seeing it on reddit recently and being curious.
The damper is from ali express for motorcycles.
I mostly fly SP ground attack with manual sighting, I find that I can’t fly without this anymore.
It’s steadied the plane very nicely.
Helo’s are much better too.
I’d encourage y’all to have a go and see what you think.


Welcome to Mudspike!

That’s a cool idea, thanks for posting!

Welcome @nzteddy2020 and looks like a very nice pit.

Welcome to Mudspike! Nice idea.

I also approve of the fan for maximum Hip / Hind immersion. I trust you’ve got the fan connected to the in-game key bind for the cockpit fan on/off switch… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ooh, no, that’s a good idea!!

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@nzteddy2020 does NZ refer to New Zealand, by the way?


Nice! We’ll have to go for a beer sometime :grin:

As far as I know, I’m the only other resident Kiwi here (well, Finn living in NZ) apart from @PaulRix who occasionally drops into NZ for a beer/coke.

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that sounds like an excellent idea! hopefully a real beer and not a virtual one :smiley: some very good craft beer establishments in my neck of the woods…


Nice! Yep real beer tastes better, ha. I’m in Auckland - you?

Hamilton, close enough. Tried this place the other day…old woolshed…

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That’s awesome - yeah, I’ve heard Hamilton has some really good craft beer places popping up these days. A colleague of mine recently upped sticks and moved your way to work and he’s been loving it.

Definitely not too far to tee up a Mudspike NZ arm beer catch up once the weather gets a bit warmer :smiley:

We’ll see if we can get @PaulRix to convince his work that a Waikato trip is essential around that time :wink:

sounds a plan!

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A very warm welcome to Mudspike, @nzteddy2020! :mudspike:
Great customizations there! Reminds me that I have to get cracking with my stick with spring dampers… Having some resistance really makes a difference. Heavy springs and cams makes the feeling better, but I also think that adding a damper helps. I have one on my rudder pedals, but I would love to incorporate dampers in the stick as well.

Thank you! Yes I originally got the damper for the rudder pedals, but it was too tricky to attach them to the t-rudders. The damper seems to make the plane feel weightier and more realistic, certainly a lot smoother.

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That’s a hell of a beer flite.

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