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For the first time in almost 16 years Planes of Fame’s HA-1112-M1L Hispano roared to life late in the evening of April 13, 2016.
It was last seen flying in the movie Pearl Harbor.

They were having some wiring issues when I left on Wednesday so I was just as surprised as anyone that they started it up that evening.



Some pics from the 2009 airshow I found not too long ago. I left early because I was soaked to the gills because of the rain and the sun came out shortly after I left and they had a great flying day. Go figure.



Grumman F6F Hellcat

Carrier Ops :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

One of my all time favorites :+1::wink:

A good read -


I’m curious- how different is from the Bearcat?
Nevermind, a quick google / wikipedia comparison solved my doubts.
Personally I’d go for the Bearcat- but the Hellcat came out earlier so…

It was a successor of the F6-F with lighter/smaller air frame to achieve higher climb rate in simple.

The F6-F was a tank a beast :wink:

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Planes of Fame just uploaded a video to their YouTube Channel.

Steve Hinton Intro to Jets PART I: Early Jet Aircraft | Hangar Talk | Planes of Fame


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