We get quite a few nice aircraft flying over our house and the local area - anything from pre-war to B2 bombers - we are quite lucky in that respect. I say “quite” lucky because in the last couple of years the amount of aircraft we see has dropped considerably.

Here’s a couple that passed over in the last week or so - the first is obviously a “wing walker” biplane - quite a surprise, that - the first is a little out of focus, but you can clearly see the support on the upper wing, which looks like a chair. At first I thought it may have been a Stearman (looking with the naked eye) but after seeing the photo, it clearly isn’t, and I’ve no idea exactly what it is.



The next, on another day, looks like a Hurricane Mk.II - didn’t know there were any around, I thought we only had airworthy Mk.I around…

***looking up “G-WWZX” (or -LX) actually brings up a few pictures very similar - and it may indeed be a Stearman after all. The G-INFO website gives no returns on either registration


Ha - got it!:

A bit of lateral thinking told me that the reg was most probably G-WWLK - for WingWaLK - and guess what?


I think I met the owner of that stearman at lashendon once. I’m nearly positive it was him

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I’m not really digging the First Class seat on that initial photo…sure a lot more leg room but you’re going to get bugs in your teeth…just not for me. :open_mouth:


Holding a cocktail is a nightmare as well :grinning: