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The last time Jupiter and Saturn were so close together, Galileo Galilei was still alive.

I’ve been enjoying Jupiter, Saturn and Mars a lot in the past few weeks. I always see them while driving home from work. Unless there are clouds of course.


They will be closest on the 21st of December. You should be able to see them both in one telescope eye piece/binocular - including the 4 largest Jovian moons. :slight_smile:


Pictures please @PaulRix and @Derbysieger! Looking forward to seeing them all :grinning:


Same here. When I was commuting home from work on Thursday,the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn were very close together. I’ll see if I manage to get some photos but I think @PaulRix equipment is much better suited for the job.


It was an amazing event, and the very fact that the previous such convergence was so long ago that Galilei was alive makes me feel amazement. I can’t even imagine what the world will be like when Jupiter and Saturn will be so close again, and you?

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Welcome to Mudspike!

I don’t think anybody can. Considering how comically bad predictions even for the near future (50 years) have always been, it seems it is impossible.
But we can dream and hope. I sure hope it will be a better world, but given our history… I would rather guess there will be both great and terrible things.

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