Ok, here is a weird one.Whenever I hit launch on the main window sceen, it brings up what you would expect to see. But when I wait 10 seconds, a balloon in the upper left pops up and sez “ is recording” and at that point everything locks up except the mouse cursor. Buttons won’y highlight when you roll over them, nothing is clickable, the screen just locks.

I’ve gone as far as firing up REGEDIT and removing all references to Falcon BMS and reinstalling the sim from scratch, but it still does it. I’ve checked all the docs I can find, and the config screen off the main menu and can’t find a reference to PLAYS.TV anywhere.

I eventually got around it by tracking down the PLAYS.TV folder and renaming all of the executable files from .exe to .exx. It’s a work around, and it works… but does anyone have a more elegant solution? Or had this happen to them? I’ll post hardware specs if someone wants them. Mine is not a big killer system, I didn’t build it for this, but it IS above min requirements.

whatever that is, thats not part of BMS. Is that some program you use?

Play.TV is a gaming recording thing that comes with the Raptr AMD graphics card packages. You can uninstall it like this:

Thanks, I knew what it was, but I never installed it in the past, Must have been in the graphics driver package as FearlessFrog said. It has an uninstall exe, so it should be easy to get rid of. Thanks for confirming it’s not part of BMS.

Thanks FF… I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t part of BMS.

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