PlayStation 5 Slow upload speeds?

Hey guys,

I just installed a MOCA network connection at my sisters house for my nephews PS5 system. well we got it working and the DL was about 340mbps but the upload only got to 10mbps. just to let you know the upload speed was slow even with the wirless and the PS4, the moca connection should do upto 1000/1000 easy.

Now I checked google and seen alot about DL speeds being throttled but not much on the upload speed.

I was wondering if we have a resident PSN Guru here that can explain to me why the Upload on the PSN is so slow.

My sister has FIOS adn a 300/300 speed tier and tested well over 300 on a wireless device and a wired PC. I was wondering what is going on with PS5 or the PSN?

any word on this issue is much appreciated… thnx guys…

It’s possible the PSN speed test doesn’t report proper upload speeds - old but still might be true:

hi yes i seen that same thread but we will give it a go and see if the speedtes can work in the PS5 with that trick thnx…

well I have not heard back from my nephew about that trick, does anybody who might know someone with PS4-5 have issues with the upload speed on the PSN??

Thnx guys… :wink:

I found a post on a PS forum NOT Official that explained why the slow speeds on the Upload, they Cap the speeds since the PS3 Free network play days and never took it off…

I kinda figured that was the issue or something similar… So if you get slow Speeds it is cause PSN Caps the speeds…

This is the post on the forums I will also link it here quoted from the post:

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