Please help with virpil war brd base

i understand this x and y are not recognized at all

Could you show me a screenshot of the X axis setup, by clicking in on that line…


Also helpful if you can show me the profile setup.

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Firmware update went well?

Try reinstalling firmware and when you select profile, do not set the stick as left or right.

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So i finallay got in touch with them as they open their doors at 12am my time they got with me on team view and resolved the problem in seconds it was as i thought and needed to use dev tool in software (ctrl+f12) and i had to change the pcb in the dropdown list to the proper channel. thanks for your help guys you made me feel much better as we were at least trying things i didnt think of while we got the fix really appreciate it. i have to give virpil 10/10 on support after sale


Great news!
What PCB did you have to select? I thought the VPC.CNT.LITE was the correct one, so I ruled that out… :thinking:

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VPC CNT LITE5 was it

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We were close. I actually chose that pcb then lost the ability to do so which made me assume it was the correct one


I thought that was the old PCB… Well, good to know!

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