Pluto Zoom

Our ex-ninth planet looking good.


Wow! If you zoom in real close…

What?! Oh come on. Somebody on this site was going to do it. :grin:


Damn, some of those craters are massive. Would be funny to see either SOS or HELP written in the soil.


Same with me.


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I propose that Mudspike officially acknowledge Pluto as the ninth planet in our solar system. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s all photo data no? No LIDAR (which would probably take ages to transmit)?

eh…perhaps a bit more time than the last Open Beta update :open_mouth: :wink:

The following question is put to the august Mudspike forum cadre.

Is the orbital body known as Pluto a planet in our solar system, or is it not a planet?

  • Yes, Pluto is a planet of the solar system
  • No, Pluto is not a planet

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Results will be forwarded to DCS World and X-Plane for proper designation in their night star scapes…and to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Dr. Mike Brown for some “in your face!”