Point of View Hat question.... programming it

I have a simple Logitech Extreme 3D stick… all the aircraft automatically default with the point of view hat switch on, except for the F-14… it doesn’t work, and I’m not sure what I have to program. Do I have to program every direction, or is there just a hat switch to activate in settings?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Magnum, search for something like “view down slow, view up slow, view right slow, etc”. I usually delete those, setup trim on the POV hat like a real aircraft, but then reassign the views back to the hat as a shifted command. A having cake and eating it too sort of deal. But you will need to assign a button as Shift by adding it to DCS as a modifier. Let me know if you need help with this.

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Thanks will try that and like the other idea… only really did the FC aircraft and a few choppers… looking to get into the more advance aircraft now… might as well since I keep buying every module but never actually playing them. lol… it’s part of my ocd. lol


The FC planes are great to get back into the groove.

After that, whatever strikes you, although it’s hard to argue with the Cat.

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Well, these days you get to to try the module of choice for two weeks™ for the grand price of sod-all. Innit grand? oh yes it is.