I have just paid for the invoice. Ordered 31/12-2020. I’m giddy as a schoolboy. I very much look forward to PointCRTLing everything!


Congratulations. It’s such a cool bit of kit.

Guess that’s the v.2?

Thank you schurem. Yeah it is.

With the timing it should be V2 and my gues is that it will be the new resinprinted parts.

It shipped on 9/12-2021, left US from JFK New York on 23/12-2021, whent into customs clerance on 3/1-2022, finnished customs clerance today 6/1-2022 and is on the way to me.

It is hard to wait.

Happy Simming

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I find all caps acronyms completely acceptable in topic titles but please spell them right. It’s PointCTRL not PointCRTL. :smiley: (I’m so neurotic I crack myself up)

Sorry! :sunglasses:

I have just tried to change it, but I am not allowed, so I will need help for it. :pleading_face:

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