POLL: MSFS 2020 - where and which edition are we buying?

Hey all,

just a little poll to see our preferences of how we are buying / going to buy the MSFS 2020. Thanks for participating! :slight_smile: :+1:


Where did you buy the MSFS 2020?

  • Microsoft
  • Xbox Game Pass
  • Steam
  • Boxed version

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Which edition did you buy?

  • Standard
  • Deluxe
  • Premium Deluxe

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I voted what I intend to do once my G2 gets delivered.


I did what @schurem did :slight_smile:

Good idea. I will reformulate the text of the poll :+1:

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For regular AAA games I buy from Steam for the most part, but with sims I try to buy direct from the publisher/developer. As for which edition, the Premium Deluxe, because I know how my mind works, and it would eat at me knowing that there was content missing. The extras are probably more important at the beginning while the 3rd party devs are getting up to speed. I have to admit that I am already missing my favorites from my X-Plane hangar.


I am waiting for VR implementation (or maybe Xbox) but when I do buy it will be the most expensive package offered and GamePass.

Without the option for None of the above or Not at all your data is going to be skewed entirely. :stuck_out_tongue:




Clicking “Like” for @wheelsup_cavu’s post then hitting the old “Mute Conversation” as I have done with all the FS2020 threads.

Somebody let me know when they haver VR. Until then I’ll be on DCS. :slightly_smiling_face:



I’ve done what @schurem did, im definitely going to pick this one up just I want to let it cook a little first. I’m not totally convinced by the flight models I’ve seen and the landing and ground handling looks a bit suspicious still.

I’ve got things for DCS to purchase before I spend the money here

I went the xbox game pass route for $1. I like what i see so far so there is a proper purchase in the future.

I went full boat today. Its OMG good. Beautiful!
Does TiR work? How?
Runs just fine on a HDD anda 65 inch TV with a 1080 non ti.

Ahhhh had to refresh the list of games. TiR is so 2010… LOL.

So say I was considering jumping on this bandwagon…is the premium deluxe version worth it for the content, any thoughts?

I think it really depends on what kind of flying you want to do and how likely you are to purchase 3rd party addons to tailor your FS experience.

I bought the Premium Deluxe package at release, mainly because I wanted as many planes as I could get my hands on. I figured it would be awhile before quality 3rd party payware would become available.

Almost a year later I can say that I rarely touch the default aircraft anymore, and I rarely hit the big international airports because I prefer flying small GA, bush flying, etc etc. but they are there if I ever get the inclination. You never know where a Mudspike Trek might take us. :wink:

I have found MSFS to be a truly excellent experience, and I was very skeptical in the lead up to release. 12 months later and it is pretty much the only sim I fly these days. A truly excellent VR experience and in 2D the screenshots speak for themselves.

Edit…. I should add that the flight modeling in MSFS has some quirks. Purists will tell you that X-Plane is superior, and in this department I would agree, but I have come to the conclusion that there is more to a great flight sim experience than the flight model alone.

Have you bought it yet? :wink:

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Hahaha I reckon before long you can carve another notch to your “instigator stick” :rofl:

Thanks, that makes sense and was sort of what I wondered about. I think I’ll mostly be doing what I’ve done with XP11 and acquire planes I really like, which generally is a bit different to your standard tubeliner / major airport stuff.

I do have a few planes in XP11 I’ve promised myself I’ll give at least a “bird of the month” treatment for…but while I really enjoyed last year’s Xmas trek in XP11 and the 727, the standard terrain along the way did make me feel like I was missing out a bit…and I don’t seem to have the time or the inclination to tailor XP as much as some people do.

So I feel a MSFS DC-6 Xmas trek coming…all your fault! :grin:

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That DC6 flight I did from Boeing Field up to Ketchikan was one of the most immersive and at times tense flights that I have done on a desktop sim…

I think it is quite likely that I will also be using the DC6 for this year’s Christmas trek…. probably with some Celestial Navigation thrown in for the oceanic legs.



That begs the question, has anyone checked to see if the sky in MSFS supports celestial navigation?

I suspect that the sky is accurate but taking accurate sightings would be a challenge and we would need an sextant plug-in.

There is a new app on flightsim.to that simulates getting a sextant sighting…it looks good and has some neat features. I am planning to try it out when I have a few hours to play with.


There might be another option in the works too.

I signed up for that XBox monthly thingy ($1 for month 1)…if you signed up, you got 20% off the top package price, basically meaning that I got those extra planes and airports for USD$28 on top of the base game (no discount offered for the std edition).

Won’t have the opportunity to fly today or tomorrow but might try to get a session in on Friday. :blush: