Polychop Sims - Junkers Ju87 Stuka!

“In addition to the announcement of the new team member we also want to share the name of the project that Bryan is taking care of. Junkers Ju87 D-5/G-2 are the planes that Bryan is working on. As a former military aircraft and helicopter technician he knows most of the important parts of a plane by heart. Due to the nature that Bryan is influenced by the love of WW2 fighter planes he asked if we would support the idea of developing a German ww2 plane, which is in his case the JU87 Stuka.”

Can hear that Stuka dive siren now… :smile:


Polychop Ju-87 Stuka New pics


[quote]Hey Guys,

It’s been a while since the last update due to my relocation to Colorado and other life events, however life at Polychop is very much alive! I would like to introduce everyone to our first community render of the G-2. Hope you enjoy

Ok, and a D-5



Now we have the Gazelle and seen how that turned out, I am pretty keen to see more from Polychop. Time to hear that Ju-87 siren…Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


I actually don’t see the siren physically mounted on the models. The D-5 and G-2 historically didn’t have them afaik. Maybe they’re optionally or something. Because it was what most people know the Sturzkampfflugzeug for.

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Well, my plan is to make the noise myself as I dive anyway. It won’t be the bombs falling 500ft long that’ll scare em, it’ll be my waaaaaaaaaaa. :wink:


Not sure I’d do much tank busting and didn’t the G-2 carry an extremely small amount of ammo as well? The D-5 though, that could be some fun, if it’s the version I’m thinking of, 20mm instead of 7.6 and flew at a speed that wasn’t painfully slow.

As for the siren, I always found them the perfect thing for moving people out of my way while taxiing or on take-off :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes. The G-2 carries six or twelve rounds per gun. That did not stop the kanonenvogel from some succes IRL though.

The D-5 is equiped with the MG151/20. So you get your twenties.

I don’t think the siren works at low IAS.

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if you taxi fast enough… haha

Certainly a project I’m keeping my eye on. Seems like you could have a lot of fun in these 2

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Wasn’t there a German ace called Rudel literally sniping tanks with that?
Can’t remember if he really was that good or it was unconfirmed kills…

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Yea Hans-Ulrich Rudel. The amount of claimed kills are… Are you sitting tight? 519 tanks, 1000 vehicles of various types, 70 landing craft, a pair of Lavochkin La-3’s… an IL-2, a destroyer… two cruisers… the soviet battleship ‘Marat’ and other claims. I believe he had a leg blown off in the war. Got himself a prosthetic limb and continued to fly. A lot of these where with earlier versions but he flew the kanonenvogel a lot.

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That’s unbelievable. In a… well good way?
Just… wow.

Rudels book was required reading for the A-X (A-10) program…