Pop-Up Attack Tutorial

I know AAA in DCS can be a pain, but in my personal experience, there’s a few things you can do tactically to get an advantage over the laser beam AI. I put this together to show one option - a low level attack run, followed by a quick pop-up strike, while using the A-4E mod. However, you can apply this to any module you’d like!

I’d also like to note that in the dozen or so runs I made to get the shots I wanted, I never took enough hits to bring me down, so it seemed to be a viable attack profile for the level of AAA I had set up!


Hey @Sport

Been a while! Hope you are ok. Still flying the B17?

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Watched it a few hours ago. Good stuff.

@Sport I didn’t go into it much with my comment on YT (I did leave a snack for the algo) but DCS seems more in its element with Gen1-3 jet air-to-ground combat: dumb bombs & bullets - can’t quibble over how a give system is supposed to work; gravity is pretty well modeled. I love manual bombing. In jets of that era especially.


Phantom Phorever baby!

Nice one @Sport !

(This reminds me, my scooter needed updating, only the new version is 2.8 compatible)


And the 2.8 version (called 2.1) has caused me a few game crashes. You should be safe if you don’t use TACAN. Bug reports posted both at DCS and github. Regardless, the scooter is awesome fun, especially on the tanker and around the boat.

I’ve enjoyed your stuff @sport and learned a bit about the A4 that the meager documentation was unclear about.

Haven’t found another B-17 to fly, unfortunately, but I AM getting ready to get back into the B-25. If anyone here lives in the Dallas area, I’ll be flying in the Wings Over Dallas airshow next weekend in “Yellow Rose”

Stop by and say hi if you want!


100% agree. I think the real sweet spot for gameplay and dev cycle is in that gen 3 to early 4 mark. We really could use more 3rd party devs going for the same era redfor aircraft, too (Su-17, early MiG-29, full fidelity Su-25A, Su-24)


Century series, Hawker hunter, mirage III. So many great machines in that era.


Oh man I am really feeling this list… I’m really hoping that the MiG-23MLA that Razbam is making is gonna scratch this itch and will be at least as much fun as the MiG-21BiS is to fly in both air-to-air and air-to-ground.

I wonder what happened to the MiG-29 9.12 project that ED was planning?

It got sent to the front :frowning:


The tidbit we got 2 years ago said after BS3. So it may still be coming but not until we get that.