Popup Campers and Towing

This pandemic is driving my wife and I nuts so to break up the monotony and to have something to look forward to I’m planning on buying a popup camper for this season. Popup camper because it can’t exceed 13 feet in total length (stowed) and no higher than 6 foot 5 inches so that I can store it in my garage.

My vehicle (midsize SUV) is rated at 2500 lbs towing capacity and I’d like to keep it way under that.

Wondering if anyone here has any experience with this and if it’s possible?


Wish I could provide some data but we used to have one when I was a young kid. Towed behind a Pontiac Montana, and that was the early 2000s - last family photo before we got a proper trailer was 2001.

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My parents had a tent trailer in the early 60’s pulled behind a 59 Pontiac. It was fantastic after tenting, got the old man off the ground. Metal roof was a big plus also. I imagine they have come a long way since then.
I would strongly suggest looking for one with regular wheels (14" +??) they were infamous for burning up bearings and tires with small wheels.

I’m very interested in hearing how this pans out, so keep us posted!

I’ve done lots of hiking and camping, but mostly pre-kids…need to figure out what kind of camping I’m going to do next, and I quite like the idea of a pop-up camper. :slight_smile:

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Regardless of service recorded and receipts shown on purchase. Change the wheel bearings. Its a pittance to have done and the peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. I see it very regularly during spring season caravans parked up on the side of the road missing entire hub assembly and wheel as bearing explodes and departs the axle.
As for towing with your SUV check your electrical connection as dependent on which plug you have fitted you may not have charging facilities for any on board equipment (fridge or similar) 13 pin electric connection will charge a battery but not run a fridge or ancillary equipment. 7 pin will not charge anything but will only power road lights.
Dual electrics (white and black 7 pin plugs) will power and charge everything on the move.

Your towing weight may be 2500lbs but ensure you check the hitch weight as well. This is important in the UK at least as the towing and hitch weights can be wildly different, meaning you can be within the towing weight limit for the vehicle but the weight forward of the axle on the trailer can put you out of spec. but you should be OK with a lightweight pop up trailer.

Buy a hitch lock. Use it or lose it. Added kudos if you use a barrel type one that can be locked TO the SUV and on its own. This is great as if the hitch fails the lock will stop your trailer wandering off across the road on its own just by friction. Also obviously it stops people nicking it when you park up.



I agree. Even though I’ve only done light towing (kayak trailers) - wheel bearings, tires, axles, and all of the hardware right in that vicinity are the key to a good time. And always double check your spare is properly inflated and that you actually have a tire iron that fits the trailer hubs. And even though a real thief can get through them in just seconds…a locking receiver pin and/or coupler lock can help keep your trailer from getting stolen.


So… this past weekend I did this to my truck…

Now you guys talk about towing??? Cue in the spooky :notes: :musical_note:

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It’s the Mudspike hive mind!!

What you planning to tow then @Maico? Bike trailer?

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Pop-up campers have always intrigued me.
The techical department at the airline that I work for used to make one back in the 60’s and 70’s, called Widerøe ”Lillebror” (Little brother). They also made aluminium garages in between aircraft maintenance.



I like the idea of them as well. We have a caravan that we never use though.

Setting up the awning on that the first time nearly caused my wife to stab me with a support pole and a nice gentleman to come and offer to help and give us some marriage advice (try putting the awning up BEFORE you leave home).


my mates in Australia have gone on massive trips using one annually. pm me if you want to ask them questions.

Just this!

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Your mother’s dress is pretty huge, but it’s no match for a proper camper.