Post Scriptum performance

Has anyone tried Post Scriptum? Is it a particularly hardware demanding game? I’m wanting to get it but not sure how it will run for me, I’m sure I read somewhere that it said 40x40 player games then below that that it needed an i7 for that and not sure if that meant to run or run a SERVER.

I guess I could get on steam and try this weekend if no one knows.

Performance was pretty poor last test, Squad is better optimized for some reason it seems.

Note, that access is currently limited to test weekends…(although I see they are having one this weekend).

It’s Squad in WWII setting.

Running I7 and Nvidia 1080 btw.

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I bought on Steam last night, had a play and I liked what I saw which basically a WW2 Squad and refreshing to be playing as British troops. It also ran ok for me on my ancient i7 920, 8Gb RAM and GTX960 2Gb at high/epic settings which was surprising but I’m guessing it’s using the same engine as Squad which runs good for me too.

BUT, I refunded it with a view to re-buy down the road when it’s not as clunky as I don’t think it’s ready for release on the 18th of this month.

Looks like they are going to postpone the release, time will tell how it turns out:

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