Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum? … This looks interesting! (@ground-ops) Kind of like Squad meets WWII with lots of tank action …

Check out their website and dev-blog …

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that vid didn’t look that impressive. What’s the the random intact planes on the ground?


lol ok. Seems like lazy development and just placing existing models if you ask me.

Your replies look a little lazy if you ask me.

Here’s a one hour alpha walkthrough if you’re interested …

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come play siege

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What’s actually lazy about it?
Horsa gliders did land before the paratroopers to secure key passage points and/or bridges…

Maybe the gliders locations across the map are not 100% historical but I wasn’t there back then and can’t really judge.

What’s actually so wrong?

EDIT: THe alpha look is actually pretty damn fine! I’ve seen much MMUUCCHH worse alphas :roll_eyes:

EDIT 2: Sound engineering is bloody awesome!

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First look is intriguing.


Looks pretty cool. But two nitpicks -

I don’t understand the name Post Scriptum. Was Normandy: Flames of Wartide not available?

Please tell me at some point they will allow for lowering of your gun. 6 guys standing around a base pointing their weapons at each other just seems like Reservoir Dogs 2: The War Years.


I like what I see…

Are there any good FPS games with VR support?


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That one looks promising…

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My pet peeve since the beginning of first person shooter time! :slight_smile: PLEASE let me holster or sling my weapon PLEASE!

The “weapons always up” mentality is so ingrained that I sometimes get ordered to keep my weapon up in games like ArmA. Like … why? “Stay alert” my ass. :slight_smile: If there’s a perceived threat, ya I’ll raise my weapon … but I’m not going to stand around and talk to friendlies with my rifle pointed at their faces.


wise words here. Never point your weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot.


There’s also the low and high ready positions that you use on patrol or in a stack. Carbine 101.

Oh ya! That’s why I like VR shooters like Onward where you can actively practice that stuff. Transitioning from rifle to pistol is quite fun as well.

This guy looks like a supremely smooth operator :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I can imagine that it’s never like that that. More probably you are running and gunning or behind cover and you have a mal. You are not standing there all static like a robot in your 411s, but are being shot at beating the crap out of your carbine or best case scenario doing an immediate action drill, and still being shot at, realize that you need cover. Or more likely, everyone is running for cover. I think that the transition drills are cool and good practice, but in reality probably you are going to be so focused on fixing your rifle that you won’t give 2 shakes about your pistol. Not been there, not done that.


Absolutely why I like VR shooters best for weapons discipline! It is never like that.


If you guys haven’t seen Pat McNamara, I highly recommend his videos.

Play this during his drill … makes it way more entertaining. :slight_smile: