When I grew up, younglings decorated their rooms by hanging large posters on the walls. In the later parts of the 80’s poster browser stands emerged in lots of stores, even in the small city where I grew up.

Today I walked into a rather large department store and look what I found there! A poster browser! Haven’t seen one in many years. I had to flip through the posters and to my delight there were many retro posters from my youth.

Then, suddenly, my heart stopped and, with what must have been an audible thump, my jaw dropped to my chest…!

Unfortunately, it was sold out…


I remember those! I used to browse those when I was a bored kid uninterested in grocery shopping. There was one particular poster of Farrah Fawcett that was always sold out too, but it was always worth checking. :rofl:


For me in the 80’s it was Debbie Harry… I had this poster on my wall for years.