Potential Pitfalls of VR

So, I’ve been busy making stuff for my SimBox, instead of actually donning the VR headset and do some simming…
As you know, a couple of weeks absence from the usual sims means you need to download a couple of updates.

The most alluring update was the latest additions to IL-2. Especially the Me-262.
I started a free flight scenario, just to get a feel for the Schwalbe.
I throttled up, slowly, careful not to blow the engines. Everything went incredibly well and away we went. Ok, I thought, this is cool, but maybe not as blisteringly fast as I imagined.
Pretty sluggish controls as well. Clearly not a dogfighter.
As I flew around, someone came on the radio.
”That guy must be drunk”, I thought. The normally panic stricken call outs sounded veeery slooow and sedated.

Then it occured to me! The sim isn’t running at normal speed! I must have hit the ”decrease sim speed” key…!

Pause. Find the increase speed key and problem solved!

Now we were screaming!

Note to self. Stop hacking away at random keys, trying to unpause the sim…