Powered USB hub for flight sim peripherals

Hi there,

With my new simpit I find myself short of USB cable extenders so I figured I would just use a single extended cable to a USB hub to hang all the hardware onto:

VPC T-50CM2 stick Max. current draw 100 mA @ 5 V
TWCS throttle probably similar current draw, will look up tomorrow
Saitek Rudder Pedals

Obviously I am going with a mains powered hub, what else should I look out for?
I remember something about USB3 ports wrecking Warthogs but hope this is not a more widespread thing. And USB3 or even some 3.1 ports for more current would be more futureproof.

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I have one of these and it works great.

Stick, throttle, rudder pedals, two MFDs, button box, etc… I’ve had every single port occupied with no problems. One caveat, I have not used it for the VR headset.

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I have an Icy Box 7 Powered adaptor. It has an On/Off switch for all seven USB ports.
Works great!

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I’ve got this one that was recommended to me - I’ve used it for many thing including my Reverb headset. I also bought a short 2’ display port extender that I ran around from the back of my computer so I’m not constantly plugging in and out of my graphics card when I’m taking my Reverb on the road.

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Thanks for the quick responses!
Good to hear USB 3.0 should work. I looked in a nearby store, but they only had hubs from the Orico brand. Some short research online showed that though they do use quality chips, they do not do thorough QC or testing. Also, the Orico products can be bought very cheaply online apparently: the store was selling the 7-port USB 3.0 powered hub for €60.
So I got the (German) Icy Box (which @Troll has) from Amazon.de

I prefer buying from local stores over web shops, but then they should sell quality stuff, not aliexpress products at premium prices.

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Love my orico hub. Only had a problem once or twice and it resolved itself promptly.

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I was just researching about whether to get a powered USB hub or passive USB hub for my flight sim devices and which one. I hate the idea of always connecting / de-connecting the stick (and a throttle once it arrives) to the USB port on the PC case.

Then I thought maybe someone from here had already had a solution and voilà - here comes the thread :slight_smile:

For the record, I go for the Tendak USB Hub and hope it will work as intended.

Cheers :vr:

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That looks like a nice piece of kit!
I like having the option to turn the ports on or off, instead of unplugging.
And powered hubs seems to be the way to go. Especially if you’re using many at the same time.


Yeah, already my VKB stick does not work with a extension cable so I suppose a powered device is what’s gonna be needed. And more so with the throttle with all the axes, switches and buttons.