PrayDog UEVR Injector Hands On // PCVR Modding Is About To Go Viral

There was a video I saw a few days ago from a developer fairly pessimistic about AAA games on vr because he argued financially it wasnt viable to do them.

Never underestimate the modders, and the general public’s ability to dodge around corporate obstacles!!


So…this is just for games that use the Unreal engine?

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To be fair, for triple-A games, that is a good proportion of them!




Speaking of Ravenfield - does the PrayDog UEVR thing work with it? I think it is a Unity game right? I can’t claim to understand the mod thing…I haven’t sat down with it.

Apparently there is hope for Unity…

Rai Pal and a Universal Unity VR mod

Dec 1, 2023

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TL;DR: Rai Pal is a tool that helps manage mods for your games, and it comes with a very early (and very broken) version of a Universal Unity VR mod I’m working on. Get Rai Pal here