So a couple weeks ago I started dabbling in the Mi-8 with intentions to fly the (relatively new) Border campaign. I went through the cold and dark start procedure…and unfortunately, it didn’t stick with me much for the few weeks since. I went back through it, and the other tutorials, but I’d say my Mi-8 knowledge is tenuous at best. I’m sure I’ll be doing some thumbing through @Chuck_Owl’s awesome Mi-8 Guide as I’m going through the campaign.

Learning the cold & dark…that’s a lot of switches…

My flight engineer with his ever present “not so confident” expression…

Assuming I can get it started, I guess I’ll have to do some shooting…

The various switch settings for pods, guns, rockets…seems errr…complex…

…but boy can those mini-guns lay down some fire…!

Trying to figure out this Doppler thingy…time to re-visit Einstein’s article, because the tutorial left me wondering…

Seems like it will be interesting trying to evade fire, cumulus-granitus, and find where I’m going. And and night? Oh dear…

And the end of the tutorial I close both fuel shutoff valves and practice an autorotation - it comes out pretty good actually…

Finally, the ADF tutorial - something this old school pilot can grasp…as long as I have beacons, I can find my way…

Now…on to The Border

Wish me luck!



I took one look at the Mi 8 cockpit in VR and decided that the answer to the question is Left Windows Key + Home and enjoy a cup of coffee… :wink:


It’s really not that hard! It’s quite logical once you know where certain sections are located!

Seriously, you people shoop da whoop all over the A-10C and say it’s easy… The helo’s in DCS are a lot easier to manage!

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Oh the joy of spending an hour in the mission…executing to perfection…only to crash 10km from base because you went looking for the Master ARM switch to turn off and in the process you run into a ridgeline…


You my friend, need to practice with the autopilot and trim! Also, make a sticky with a few quick reminders that is titled PRE-INGRESS :wink:

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Isnt there a crew assist function? Seems the FE would be there to handle more of the systems and management (flipping switches). Leaving everything to the pilot/player defeats the crew concept.

I remember in the -53, the FE did a ton of work for the pilots, despite it being way more automated than the Hippo.


There isn’t in the Mi-8. In the UH-1 you can tell the co-pilot to maintain altitude, maintain attitude, or orbit. The Mi-8 has 3 seats you can switch between but you are in control of the helicopter at all times.

Really, it’s not that big of a deal, once you know how the systems work you can handle it all easily enough. For example the Doppler navigation is located on the co-pilots side, the autopilot in the middle which would be controlled by the FE and weapon layout selector is on the co-pilots side including bomb release, but the weapon selector(different from layout) is located on the pilots overhead.

It’s tricky, but doable. Practice makes perfect. Besides, if it was all automated then it would be a bit of an immersion killer too.

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I guess thats where opinions differ. I’d prefer to manage the things on my side, allowing the rest of my crew to do theirs.

I’ve got the Hippo, but casually fly it. The Gazelle has taken over first place in my helo hangar.


Well, just finished the second mission in the campaign. Fun stuff (will write some impressions and screens in the review). Now that I’ve gotten the hang of that Doppler - it is pretty cool stuff. It gets you pretty close, and it is fun using a bit of Doppler, pilotage, and dead reckoning. I’ve got a fair handle on the trim - but I think I need to select Rudder Trimmer and Autopilot Adjustment in the options menu (they are currently unchecked) - then I think I’d be able to use the ALT-A autopilot and I could use that rudder trimmer option.

Having a great time…but man, VRS is a killer in that Mi-8…but at least it gets all clanky and vibraty (made up word) to give you a bit of warning…

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Rule of thumb is to never descend faster then 3m/s when below 100km/h. It’s advisable to fly your approach as if you are normal fixed wing vfr traffic. Or, if feeling cheeky do a teardrop approach for a fast and hot LZ. Note that the turn will bleed a. Lot of forward energy!

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I’m pretty sure that sling loading stuff in DCS is even more fun than dropping bombs. Well…it’s a close thing…but man, my shoulders hurt from the tension!


Pilot (BeachAV8R): Mechanical discrepancy report - nosewheel ineffective, searched MEL, non-MEL item. Aircraft grounded pending maintenance action.

Maintenance: Discrepancy noted. Dispatched search team to field 15km north of FARP. Retrieved nosewheel. Reattached nosewheel. Ops check good. Recommend remedial training for aircraft commander. Aircraft returned to service.


MX be like


That sling loading screenshot is pretty fine.

I love the Mi-8! I’ve only installed DCS 2.0 and the Hip doesn’t have any content there. I guess I will breakdown and download the current release just so I can do something other than sandbox around Nevada. Nice little AAR Beach. Thanks!

MEL Column A or Column B? :smiley:

I finished The Border campaign this morning… :thumbsup: Look for a front-page review soon…