Prepar3d FDST KLAX with dynamic lights

This is amazing

FDST KLAX with dynamic lights from r/flightsim

Also notice the buildings / objects in the distance. They are vague yet clearly discernible.

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OK…a very nice screen shot but not really seeing anything all that special…what am I missing.

Cannot tell if the jets are AI/player or static scenery. No shadows under the jets so I’ll assume AI or player aircraft (With static aircraft one could add in shadows.)

The time of day (dusk or dawn) doesn’t really let you see if we are talking just pavement lights - AI and player aircraft don’t show light reflections from scenery lights and that is especially noticeable at night.

It is pretty though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, good observations. Interesting perspectives. It surely looks pretty. That’s what caught my eyes. :slight_smile: