Prepar3D v6

this announcement caught my eye

is it still among living? didnt see any addon announcement for P3D in a long time.

what does it bring to the table that isnt already on another platforms?

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I stopped at 4.5 as well. Can’t see me continuing with it at all, unless there are major changes. In fact, I went back to v3 for a while, using FlyInside for VR, before returning to 4.5, which is my current install.

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I think the product is really being marketed for education and military operations. Our STEM academy migrated to P3D and on my last visit to our university’s engineering expo, it was being promoted by LM. I remember in the early days when it was first announced, the pricing structure and discussions seem to indicate just that. I could be totally wrong because my comments are based on my limited perspective.

Anyway, imho, MSFS and X-Plane deliver what most of us want in GA sims. Their popularity seems to indicate that. Long story short, I pass once again.

Underwhelming TBH

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The only thing that comes to mind when I see this is “too little too late”.

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I still flying the P3Dv5 and like it (more time i spend on xp12/11 and msfs), but its true, i not see any substantial reason to jump to P3Dv6. Also going from P3Dv5 to v6 many of addons will not be updated, some maybe will idk when and for what cost, etc. Important to say that almost only 1 company (iFly) that still develop new aircraft for P3D world. So this P3D is too late without any hype or amazing features that put me pumped to it.

I think that P3D as a flight sim out of flight schools is dead.

its out


I still use v5 and keep it. When the 3rd party development for v5 is halted for years (including projects that were cancelled) and not see any big improvements from v5 to v6 and also almost all big developers already officially told that will not develop or migrate their products for v6.
Also exist some feedback from users that the performance are a bit worst on v6 comparing with v5 on the same places and computer!!! Also of all current flightsims the v5 are the worst in performance and the ugliest one (vs msfs, xp11/12, …).
So, v6, no thanks, too few and too late.
I think the P3D for home market is the end of an era. Like the P3D kills FS series (fs9, fsx,…), XP11/12 + MSFS kills P3D.
Lets keep P3D only for military and flight schools…

TBH, I stuck with P3D (stopped at V4) until I finally gave in to getting MSFS. For some reason, I felt like I was holding on to the past, especially after dabbling with Aerofly FS2. I also had a ton of aircraft and scenery I didn’t want to lose. I really don’t need super accurate flight models, just convincing and close enough. P3D has its merits and applications; it just no longer does it for me.