Prepare3D V4


@Brix did you approached directly JF support for this? Just asking…

Regarding the MilViz I was quite disapointed after reading review of their T-38 Advanced.


Not on the discs in general, no. I did manage to get a download version for a product I had beta tested as that disc was also now useless.

I have the original T-38 from MilViz - I really like it, lot’s of fun. Haven’t tried the ADV version, I’ll have to check if that is a new, seperate version or just an update.

Here’s the info regarding the securom discs:

I have tested the fix for Win7 and it does work - but as it says Win 10 is another matter.


I just did more investigating on this, and apparently you can do something - sign the driver yourself!

Looks, ermm… a bit of a pain :slight_smile:

Found this on techadvisor:

sorry it’s gone a bit OT - though as it covers FS add-ons, it ain’t that far away…


FYI, the Aerosoft Bronco X is finally compatible with P3DV4. Just downloaded the updated install from PC Aviator, and the sound issues have been resolved.


Anybody have the REX for P3D, or, I guess FSX?

I’ve been looking at their website to determine what package to get? I was thinking about REX Essential with Overdrive. But what is Texture Enhanced? Is it a replacement for REX Essential, or a supplementary addon?

BTW, there are new preview screenshots of Orbx South Germany. Oh boy.ünchen-a-few-more/


Has anyone tried P3Dv4.1 with VR?

Apparently, people are having issues with performance, according to some reports on the P3D forum. I was planning to do a complete reinstall tomorrow (they say only the client update is needed, though), but am hesitant now.

If you didn’t know, Dan Church has said that FlyInside for v4 is ready, but they were waiting for the 4.1 update so they could retest it for any new bugs - so if none are found it shouldn’t be too long before the update is released.


Well, I just bought this to run P3Dv4 off - if that isn’t quick enough, nothing will be!


I was waiting on the first major update for ver.4 before making the jump over. Mainly because it had the native/internal VR support without needing programs like FlyInside, ala ver.3.4
Plus the whole 64bit thing.

Now, I’m hesitant again. So whats the real story? Is FlyInside required for ver4?


I’ll tell you in a few days. I should get my new M2 SSD tomorrow, so will get it installed over the weekend, barring any hiccups. I have downloaded P3Dv4.1, which has all the VR updates and I can test that straight away then.

It seems the FlyInside test team have hit a small snag, and it won’t be released until that is fixed (no indication of what it is) but the guys testing are raving about the performance in v4. Once it’s released I can compare the two. I will definitely be uploading 3D SBS videos of flights in both - so hopefully you’ll be able to see for yourself.


I’ll look forward to that. I’ve kept 3.4 on my HD, but have not touched it in months after my swap to VR. Needing FlyInside for it versus buying ver.4 has been the delay. Thanks for your time.


For me, P3Dv3 has been the best of the lot - it works very well for me in VR with Fly Inside and the performance has been better than in any other P3D or FSX version. This using FTX scenery. On the monitor I get over 130fps as standard and in VR it’s around 90-100fps.

With V4 I’ve had a lot of stutter - but it is on an old SATA 1 hard drive, so load times for scenery will be quite poor compared to v3, which I have on an SSD.


Here’s the news regarding FlyInside for P3Dv4:

We’re in the process of cleaning up a couple of small bugs. We plan to launch FlyInside P3D4 for this weekend - either tomorrow (10/13) afternoon or Saturday.

Guess I’m reinstalling at just the right time!


Guys, it’s been released already


That’s good news, since the native support has much to be improved upon.


FYI, Aerosoft’s Antarctica X has been updated for P3DV4.


Yeah that’s not bad at all - after it was released, I did a lot flying there. Used to have an Air Hauler base there with Flight1’s ATR-72-500.

Unfortunately, now using FTX, I find that it stomps all over other scenery, regardless of how I set up the scenery.cfg file or library, so I only use FTX in P3Dv4 and use other scenery packages in FSX or v3.


For those not aware (just found out myself) VoxATC 7 has been released - covering P3Dv4.

If you haven’t used it before, I can tell you it’s the best ATC prog I have come across and it adds a lot to the sim. It’s voice driven - no clicking on anything. It provides AI for your flights and it was really convincing in previous versions and this one is supposed to be even better.

Free voices are provided - but probably not the best. I use ATT voices that were included with the old CD version. I also bought a couple of Cepstral voices.

You can download and try it before buying - it’s well worth it. I have no qualms about buying this - my 3rd version and 3rd purchase, including the UK ‘mod’.


My finger is literally hovering over the buy button of P3D ver4.1

I just need to know how the integrated VR support is, or if FlyInside is required. Otherwise I’ll stick with 3.4


FlyInside isn’t required, but the native VR support is very limited. With FlyInside you can manipulate controls, switch to other views, and the performance is better IMO.


I dont have the Rift hand controllers, but still use a track ball to manipulate the switches. Sounds like it’s a must though. Thanks Chip!