Pretty awesome clip of An-225 Mriya landing in Rzeszow


Same landing different spot


Holy cow, that thing is so big it disperses fog!

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Part of my patrol district had the airport here in Austin. If I had time I used to sit just on the other side of the fence and “run radar” while I got to enjoy having all the big iron come in. Back before smart phones, could have had some pretty neat pictures.

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I’m so lucky to have seen that beautiful bird in the flesh. It took years. But me and my son shared that together and even though we weren’t in the position of this video and quite a bit further away than I’d of liked. It was magnificent and magical. A truly memorable moment.

Seeing the mig 15 uti vs Sabre mock dogfight at Duxford. The 16 spitfire tailchase, p51d big beautiful doll colliding with a sky raider and the grace of the 225 climbing out were some of my best airshow moments

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