Pretty cool set of custom flight sim cockpit hardware

Hey @troll (and anyone else interested). This is a very interesting project for home built hardware on the DCS forums.


Lots of good builds there. I browse it on a regular basis.

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I dont need another inspiration :wink: what I need is time to finish my projects which are all in some state of incompletenes … my ruder pedals … my extended Cobra M5 … my colective out of TM16k …

…anyway I am thinking about DIY joy gimbal, something simple :slight_smile:


I was asking him about the electronics because I was curious how he was linking all of these pieces together.

Does this make sense?

The electronics side is very simple thanks to DCS-BIOS. It handles all master/slave comms across a RS-485 bus.

I mean I understand the basics of DCS BIOS but the RS-485?

EDIT This is helping me:

but I don’t understand how the RS-485 avoid conflicting signals … or is that just hardware magic :slight_smile: . Also, it seems that this approach requires a number of nanos for each device block.