Pretty exciting flying

This has to be right up there with the amount of adrenaline you feel in combat. Pretty hairy stuff…(sign me up!)…


Ah yes, Spaniards and their badass fire-fighting canadian built flying boats.

Agreed, would definitely be a dream job, also lots of respect for the Smokejumpers that go with these guys.

I love the Bombardier 415! I think that Spain was the first contract for the aircraft but I am pretty sure that it is in wider use now.

…now that is a nice aircraft name, the SuperScooper!

It looks pretty dangerous though, my first thought was this (wow, getting old):

Great movie (Always)… The part where he is making John Goodman scratch his face with the tar on his fingers is hilarious…

I may have misidentified it. It is more likely the CL215 Turbo Prop version instead of the newer CL415. I did not think that the 215 had a Turbo Prop version.

I’ve always wondered how it affects the aircraft when you dump a ton of water out of it.

Between the fatigue of that low level, turbulent flying, and the corrosion of water - I’d be buying my aircraft maintainers a case of beer each Friday…


Necro-thread revival…some nice footage here. That looks like pretty fun flying…


Wow! Nice to see from that perspective. I have seen those scooping in Newfoundland during forest fire season.