Preview: Baltic Dragon's Mirage 2000C Campaign for DCS World

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Since the initial release of the Mirage 2000C module for DCS World, Razbam has continued to add functionality and squash the bugs typical of a beta, continuing their steady march towards a final release. While technically still in beta at the time of this writing, the product is in a pretty good state, but it takes more…


Nice! I am really looking forward to this. I have been loving the Mirage even in its beta state!

Bought the Mirage 2 weeks ago, and enjoy it so far (Chuck’s excellent guide helped me out even further). But a campaign will be really the icing on the cake. And a little cherry on top! Thanks for the preview.


(Thank you @EinstienEP wherever you are.)

Four years later and we’re all still alive! I’ve been meaning to do a dive deep with the Mirage since getting it a few years ago. It’s a joy to fly and is a very capable WVR fighter. Online though, and the Baguette is totally outclassed by almost everything. So I put her in the hangar and chalked it up as DCS Development Funding. But I really wanted a reason to enjoy the new pit so despite my harsh prejudice against Campaigns and their forced plot-turns and funky dialog, I figured that I would give this Campaign a go. I am only five missions in but it’s really good. No, its not good, its great! I keep wanting to come back to see what’s next. The ambiance is terrific without being so overwhelming that it bogs the mission. The Winter textures and low contrails really help with SA, even in VR. And the dialog and voice acting is very good (with some Mudspikers in the mix, no doubt.)

So @Baltic_Dragon, thank you for a fine piece of work. Your campaign has been teaching this wonderful machine so far without getting too “in the weeds” or growing dull. I could have skipped the early missions as I know the plane pretty well. But I am glad to have played them as they seem to be building a foundation for the rest of the story. Now that I have a better appreciation of what you can do (to be so late to the party is very typical for me), next stop: Red Flag.

PS: The new manual is great as well. o7


Thanks! Before you get to Red Flag I would advise to fly the short Coup d’Etat campaign - provided you have Persian Gulf map. Chronologically it takes place shortly before the RF kicks off and gives you first hand knowledge on why the Red Flag is needed.


I’ve been meaning to try that one multiplayer. (Assuming I can find a willing Baguette partner.)

Makes sense though you will miss some of the context (no player - wingman chatter etc). Have fun!

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“RTFM”. I reject in the strongest terms this obnoxious statement—intended to shame and belittle. (Go to the BMS forum if you want to see it used in its natural setting). But MAN! I really didn’t know much about this relatively simple airplane until giving the manual a cover-to-cover read. I know I am threading dangerously close to “kiss-a**” territory here but @Baltic_Dragon, your manual is the best in DCS. (Back to my Baguette deep dive…)


If you enjoy that one, be sure to consider trying The Georgian War for the F-15C as well! Also, take a moment to ponder about how awesome the “box-art” for that campaign is :grin:



Edit: no, don’t stop.


Detecting artistic jealousy.

Au contrarie!
He’s attracting attention to the cover that a very talented artist made! :smiley:

Also a very modest guy.

Not to mention ruggedly handsome and a fine Huey driver.

And a Professional.


OH. I totally misread that.

And THIS is why I am never invited to parties.


Well, that and that other thing you do with Bowling Pins and Rhubarbs…




Wait… My bad.
The Rhubarbs was my idea! :stuck_out_tongue:

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