Prime day 2019

Post your deals here!

For the boy!



Shoulda totally got this one instead:

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Haha I saw that. He’s not so interested :slightly_smiling_face:

What?! I mean with a 6 inch wide head you could have the rug harvested in nothing flat!


That’s a pretty awesome model!

I got an Alexa thing for half price - if only just to do an impression of The Terror (from the Tick)

I’ll be a bad friend here and say that honestly, after all the storm upon Amazong behaviour towards their employees I’ll not be buying anything fro them anymore.

carry on.

This reminds me the dream set from my childhood:

Never got it though, drooled all over the catalogues


I loved the Lego catalogs. Such lures down the rabbit hole.

Perhaps my most memorable kits were the Technic stuff in the 1980s. I started with a Universal building kit, that built quite a few models. Then my parents bought the Power Pack set, which could be integrated into any of the builds, one of them was illustrated in the manual to help drive the imagination.

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