Privacy Policy Update - May 2018

Mudspike is GDPR compliant. As part of that, the forum software was updated on May 24th 2018. The compliance covers the following areas for our users:

A user’s right to be informed

We have updated the privacy statement for Mudspike and Mudspike forums. You can see the most recent version here:

A user’s right to be forgotten

Users and their posts can be deleted or anonymised by an admin. The forums software has added support to rename users in mentions and quotes when anonymising, as well as support for anonymising a user’s IP addresses

A user’s right to a copy of their data

A user can download their activity as a .csv file by going to their activity summary. An admin can do this for other members by impersonating them if requested.

A user’s right to modify their data

A user can modify their data via their personal preferences and/or by contacting an Admin.