Pro Flight Trainer Helicopter Collective Lever: Set Up, Gameplay and Impressions

I recently got myself a collective from Pro Flight Trainer, here is a video rundown of its features, installation and gameplay.

Overall, it’s pretty good, but quite expensive for what it is!


Welcome @Hunchy! Thanks for posting!


Welcome @Hunchy!
Thank you for the video review. Interesting!

Thanks all!

There seems to be a dearth of information on collectives out there. Hopefully this video helps remedy that situation slightly.


It looks pretty awesome! :grin:

Thanks for that, looks really good.

Enjoyed the Video, you mention the Cons … Its expensive, how expensive and where do you buy this from?

I see Virpil may be producing their own twist grip collective, the schematic that is out there looks good, looks interesting … do enjoy Helo flying quite a lot and often wondered why we have never really had a good affordable PC USB plug and play flight sim Helicopter collective controller! If Virpil do go ahead with this, hope they keep the business end busy with hats, buttons galore, even if its not realistic, we need more than two switches and two buttons for sim flying IMHO.

My other question, and this goes out to everyone, how many sims actually support a proper Helicopter Collective controller like this? DCS obviously does, but FSX/P3D … I dont think so, hope FS2020 does … even though no Helicopters to start with … (it would be good to have collective hooks in from beginning) but even if it is just for DCS use, its one of my wishes to own such a controller and fly Helicopters properly, reversing axis on my TM Aircraft throttle to pull back aint cutting it any more :slight_smile:

Here is direct site link with that colective :

I cant see a reason why any sim cant support it. After all its just two axis joystick with some buttons.

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My only issue with something like this is that I may crash onto it the next time I fall through my ceiling. :open_mouth:

(Too soon? :grin:)



Glad you found the video helpful!

I think $249 is expensive for what is essentially a two axis joystick with a few buttons, as Nevo mentioned.

I am also watching Virpil’s up and coming collective with a lot of interest. It is modeled on the Blackshark collective so should be pretty accurate. The Pro Flight Trainer collective could definitely do with more physical buttons and a hat / mini stick.

Besides the sims you mentioned, XPlane also has a range of helicopters with collective support. They even have a Huey. I am tempted to get it to see how it compares with the DCS version.

I completely understand what you mean about using a throttle axis as a collective, it just feels weird and unnatural. Getting a proper collective is a huge improvement and makes me feel a bit better about the $$$ I forked out to buy it.

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Sure, good video review @Hunchy.
I appreciate that you used ‘running text’. It enabled me to watch it the way I like it = without sound :slight_smile:

On the other hand I am once again reminded to finaly finish my diy colective.


I’m probably not getting this? FSX supports a throttle axis, but a collective axis too?

Could someone please show me how this would be done in FSX and P3D (still very much the same sims) if this can be made to work properly with those sims, then all the more reason for me to buy a dedicated PC USB Helicopter Collective controller.

Bring it on :slight_smile:

Thanks Hunchy, I dont think $249 is that expensive for something like this, its not mass-produced, will be interesting to see what Virpil can do … this is something Thrustmaster or Saitek should have done years ago IMHO.

Yeah, that’s not a bad price for a collective and twist grip. It also looks easily mod’able, whether it’s to add a 3D printed collective grip with more buttons or a bicycle brake on the underside for collective friction.

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Yes, you can assign both throttle and collective axis in FSX.

I tested it with default Bell206.
To control collective you have to assign your physical collective axis to ‘throttle axis’ in game.
To control throttle you have to assign your physical twist grip axis to ‘propeller axis’ in game.

But… This works for the Bell206. It doesn’t work for default R22 ( for the reason unknown ).

So I guess the functionality will depend on implementation of particular module developer.

On the other hand not all helicopters have twist grip to control throttle(s) .

And from my point of view twist grip is not necessary feature of collective joystick. During normal operations you use it only for startup and shutdown.
In modern helicopters you don’t even touch the throttles. FADEC rulez! :slight_smile:



I was thinking along the same lines about modding it too. May be adding a mini stick and a few more buttons via a Leo Bodnar Board. Installing friction dampers looks quite simple too as this guy as has done.


And from my point of view twist grip is not necessary feature of collective joystick. During normal operations you use it only for startup and shutdown.

That’s true, I hardly use the twist grip throttle at all. Still nice to have it for authenticity’s sake though.

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I agree, especially when one fly mostly Hueys.


Thanks Nevo for explaining how collective can be made to work in FSX/P3D.

Yup, well up for a controller like this in the near future.

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