Problem with the Death Star

I do like this guy’s presentations


Yeah, but I’m sure he’s not invited to parties…

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He seems to believe that the typical laws of physics apply in the Star Wars universe. Ships can jump to light speed almost instantaneously without the crew being turned into chunky salsa (to borrow a phrase from the Start Trek The Next Generation Technical Manual), the Death Star has artificial gravity that doesn’t align with the station’s center of mass (as do all the rest of the ships in said universe), and crew members can stand on balconies (right next to said superlaser projectors) while they’re in operation without getting fried to a crisp or turned into tiny puddles from the compressive force wave that would be passing their duty stations.

And then there’s things like the fact that you can hear weapons fire and explosions in open space, starfighters handle like jet planes, lightsabers being beams of energy but not being infinitely long…


But apart from that, it’s all perfectly legit :wink: .


It’s an entertaining thought-experiment.


*giggle *


Ohhh @Navynuke99 i think if you peruse his works, most of your subjects may have been addressed. As well as stuff like…
The predator explained,
How spidey sense works
Can the hulk jump into space
Why death by lightsaber would be worse in real life

Plus the guy kind of looks like a wookie.


More like dollar-store Thor. :slight_smile: But in a nice way.



I did enjoy this ep


Dammit he IS good…

no one ever talks about this issue either


Technically…nobody ever sad that the Death Star fired a Laser…oh, sorry, a “Laser”

It was simply (well not simply but you know what I mean) some sort of beam that disrupts the Strong Force, causing the planet to literally blow itself apart to the subatomic level.

So you see it wouldn’t take “work” per se since once the Strong Force was removed, protons and neutrons would fly apart on their own energy.

…at least that was always my understanding of how a Death Star worked…it is how an Engineer would have designed it (I’m an engineer)…and it obviously works despite what the science dude with the long hair says… Alderaan is gone, what other proof does one need?…and engineers get invited to parties…so…just say’n :sunglasses:

EDIT: There’s 20 minutes of life spent researching this, that I will never get back…but then again, being retired…not much else to do…maybe go fly some DCS now…or take (another) nap.


I mean, who’s not to say it wasn’t an inside job?

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Because there was no “grassy knoll” on Alderaan…I thought everybody knew that.

EDIT - For grammar as pointed out by Troll.

Grammar has nothing to do with it. Just that Alderaan no longer exist… :wink: -Troll

Well…exactly…Alderaan no longer exists. I used the wrong verb tense “is” vice “was”. Since everything having to do with Alderaan is past tense since it has been vaporized by the Death Star, the verb “was” is correct. That was the grammar error.

Using the wrong verb led an adverb, decision. I could have kept “not”, as in, “There was not a grassy knoll…”. However, the use of “no”, a determiner, is a more implicit reference to the JFK second gunman conspiracy theory, and makes thus the statement stronger.

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I find this guy’s lack of faith…disturbing.


There…was…no, etc.

Yes…edited for correct tense.

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I am not saying you are all a bit silly but Star Wars was a thing designed without much back story at all and just meant to look cool. Space Opera and all. Then obviously Wookiepedia comes up with this:


Oh please! Did you not see the opening title? It all happened “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

We are getting all this through the Hubble Space Telescope which can only detect the cool stuff…its not designed to see a back story! I thought everybody knew that! :wink: