Problems getting Warthog HOTAS to load successfully in DCS with TARGET profile

I am tearing out what’s left of my hair over this and would appreciate some advice.

It often takes more than three attempts, sometimes including a reboot and/or much switching my TM HOTAS devices on and off, to get the joystick recognised once I’m in the cockpit. I load the profile into TARGET, that goes fine and in the sim’s control interface I load to right profiles into the Virtual Device and keyboard columns. The problem is that after most attempts, the joystick input is dead and I have to get out of the sim, stop the TARGET profile, and start the whole process again. Eventually it works.

I have disabled “Allow the Computer to Turn off This Device” in all Windows 10-connected USB devices. I know I have to do this after every update. As I said, I often disconnect and then reconnect all three TM devices before activating the TARGET profile, which creates the Virtual Device.

I could just make my own profile for the separate devices in the sim’s Control interface but I really like this user-made TARGET profile, some scripting aspects of which cannot be replicated within DCS.

Can anybody give me some tips and tricks that might help me out here? Many thanks.

What do you have your devices plugged in to? I was having similar issues (over and over) until I bought a powered USB hub to plug everything into. I’m assuming the USB ports on either my case or the header on my MoBo have started going bad, but I’m trying to hold out a bit longer before rebuilding my PC.

Thank you. Brand new, very high-end system with devices plugged into a powered USB 3.0 hub. The fact that the whole process often works as it should but often doesn’t is what’s confusing here.

Hmmm. I feel like there’s a device analyzer somewhere in the TARGET software that could show trends with regards to connecting/ disconnecting peripherals, but I don’t remember exactly where or how to use it…

I don’t know if it will work but i would do this:
Change the hub usb port and run turget as administrator…

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I was having similar problems with one of my two powered hubs. Maybe try bypassing the Hub and going straight to the motherboard to see if that ‘fixes’ it? I think that there is something in the way DCS interfaces with the USB devices (whichever USB library that they are using, I don’t know) that causes, or makes noticeable, some sensitivities in the USB lanes.

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Thank you, I will give that a try.

I found a lot of my issues stopped as soon as I removed target from the equation.

I’m not saying that it would cure all but it might be worth trying. I understand that sitting manually setting bindings for every plane is a bit of a chore but I had issues with disconnections and missing bindings that were there one minute and gone the next… The instant I removed target it ALL STOPPED.

might be worth a look Barry just in case.

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Hey Victork2, thanks, I totally get your point (especially as I sit here contemplating another wrestling match with my system as I make repeated attempts to get DCS to see my joystick with the TARGET profile loaded).

I’ve been spoiled by NOiD’s profiles. The scripting and organisation is beyond anything I could achieve after grinding it all out in DCS. However, there may be no alternative if it continues to take me half an hour every day just to get TARGET and DCS to play nicely together. The thing is, once it works (usually on third attempt), it “sticks” for the rest of the time my PC is on and I am fortunate in that rebooting DCS is so much faster now from an SSD, but still…

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I dont know why, but after loading TARGET everytime i get combined device visible in device analyser but my stick doesnt register any movements /buttons on the stick itself

Hi did you fixed your problem…I have similar issue, and only way to fix this if i first disconect usb hub (where hotas is connected) from my PC, and then conect it…After that i can run and load script profile through TARGET). I will purchase usb hub with on/off buttons so i can switch joystick on/off everytime before i launch target.