Problems with DCS MiG-21 after update?

Argh. I hate it when I have to troubleshoot (I just don’t have the time…sigh…). Last night I downloaded the new 1.5.2 release - this morning I tried to fly the MiG-21 and I have no cockpit. Sigh. Go in to module manager, try to remove the module, repair DCS, reactivate, nothing works. Here I am, spending a half an hour of time trying to get something to work once again. I love sims…I really do…but they drive me nuts sometimes.

Any suggestions?


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Solved. Ugh. Thank God for @SkateZilla

Apparently this is what happened. Right before going to bed I started the DCS updater - which apparently ran fine, but when it got to the MiG-21 module it (for some reason…) hit my computer firewall and my computer didn’t allow it, which apparently stopped the torrent. (Does it download from another location?) Anyway…fix was to go into command prompt (yeah…I know) and do this (and as you’ll see…typing it exactly is important…LOL…):

That fixed me up…



Just before 1.5.2 public release, I updated/changed the DCS installs on my brother’s and father’s pc to 1.5.2 beta. Changing from release to openbeta via the updater (which is a great tool, and I love it) gave some problems which were finally solved by deleting the registry (my father’s pc is my old one).

Ugh… I hate troubleshooting. The worst thing is that after a while, you start associating the frustration of the problems with things you love, like flight sims, or DCS_updater.exe


Yeah…I think the association for me, in general, is definitely flight sims. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent tweaking, fixing, uninstalling, searching through text files, doing edits…for sims like FSX, X-Plane, and DCS. I pretty much don’t mod any other games…perhaps with the exception of Arma - which actually might even trump flight sims for sheer frustration of getting mods to work well with each other. The worst part of Arma is trying to find the mission files that Steam downloads…LOL…user/xx/xx/xx/888382/xx Wow…who thought of that??

In the end, it is all worth it though…just becomes frustrating when you are on a time crunch. I have a MiG-21 article due for the magazine…so when I ran up against this roadblock all I could see was the sand going through the hourglass…


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Something about that MiG-21bis module - I’ve had to uninstall/reinstall that module several times for a couple different reasons. The most common is a weird activation bug, where I keep getting told my license needs to be reactivated, which fails over and over again. Ergh.

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LN had their own Starforce hardware ID thing going on in 1.2 and downwards. For 1.5 they (wisely I think) just fell into line with how all other modules do it, but unfortunately that meant everyone had to reactivate - hopefully for the last time though. The issue is if you jump between 1.2 and 1.5 a lot then it can start to munch the activations up quickly. I believe that LN have added 5 extra activations to help out with this, i.e. you’ll see 8/15 rather than 8/10 like before.

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I’m guessing I’m leaving 1.2 behind now. But I am up and working…and am actually glad that LN is now sort of integrated into the DCS World purchasing and activation system - I think it is easier that way.

Now I gotta decide when to buy NTTR and the Mirage. Yeah…I don’t own either of them…LOL…

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I don’t want to open a new thread for this info.

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Great info! Nice post. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Ugene!

[quote=Dolphin887]03-29-2017, 10:53 PM

In short, in order to save one activation for MiG-21Bis, you will have to deactivate the module BEFORE the DCS 1.5.6 patch is downloaded to your PC. We advise you to do this in next 24 hours.[/quote]

So If im reading this right if we dont do this we will use up an activation?

Yes, that’s correct.

Activations do automatically refill at the rate of one every 30 days, but if you’re worried about getting low, do the deactivation and it won’t cost you anything to reactivate.

I also read that Devs are aware and will provide bonus activations.

To me it seems it’s not worth the fuzz to deactivate. I will just consume one of my activations.

I never understood why people got so upset about activations.

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