Problems with the tablet

Hello, everyone! I have a question, my Samsung tablet freezes during the game. It works fine until I start playing, after about 15 minutes of playing the tablet freezes. I have to turn it off and on in order for it to start working.
Maybe someone has had such a situation, I’m wondering if it’s related to memory or if the tablet is broken? Or are there any other reasons? I will be grateful for your help!

Hi KateM. Welcome to Mudspike.

Can you give us a bit more information; such as what game, What model Samsung Tablet (or specs, particularly memory) and if it happening with any other games or Apps.

Once we know a bit more someone here might have a solution?


I’m no Android expert, but tablets are notoriously heat sensitive. If it’s in a case, maybe take it out for gaming. Does it feel hot? My Samsung phones used to get really hot, before I switched to an iPhone. But they can get hot as well. I was told by a repair guy, they if a phone gets really hot, that the adhesive can deteriorate, which can compromise the liquid resistance.

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I’ve got a Samsung Tab S6. It keeps freezing when I play online games, and the last time it froze was on the Roblox app. Other apps seem to be working just fine.

Yeah, my phone tends to get hot as well, but I haven’t really noticed that issue with my tablet.

I’ve never played Roblox, but my kids live in it. They play on iPad and iMac. I ask them if it ever locks up on their iPads and they say only when they go to a part of the house where “the Internet” (WiFi) is weak. Otherwise, they say that it’s pretty stable.

Yes, the kids really enjoy it I play it with my daughter. :slightly_smiling_face:
I think the problem is not in the Internet connection, as not only does the game freeze, but the tablet becomes unresponsive as well.
Anyway, thank you very much for your help!
I’m thinking about uninstalling this game and any other unnecessary applications to see if the problem persists.

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Sorry I am late back to the party - I am not an Android expert, but I had a bit of a look and because the issue seems to be related to Roblox, maybe the solution is here: