Process Lasso

found this in some forum to use for

Real-Time CPU Optimization and Automation

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What kind of performance gains are you seeing, with this?

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Iirc @SkateZilla was knowledgeable about this

Well if it is anything like “Ted Lasso” our PCs will be in a constant state of APPARENT optimistic bliss!

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Project Lasso provides an easy GUI to control CPU core management and application priority assignment.
In my experience the gains from using this tool are negligible on a healthy system.
Its much more efficient to keep your system from gathering too much bloatware.
Windows is perfectly capable of prioritising processes.

The tool can be used to handle clamping notoriously high usage programs like browsers, however, so for general desktop use it has its uses. For gaming not so much.

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you are like too inquisitive :wink:

seriously… I just installed it and ‘believe it’ for now :rofl:

I really didnt have time to give it any deeper examination

somebody in other thread mentioned @fearlessfrog , we really need him here from time to time


could just be that its all placebo but did find it in some forum, I guess it was xplane, where it was recommended. dont know if I can find it again

I found the same. Tried it about a year ago (dang, time flies) but I keep my PC pretty lean since it’s old; is basically an internet browser I can play DCS on - a VERY expensive Playstation :slight_smile:

I fiddled with it (Process Lasso) for a day or so but, in DCS, didn’t notice anything. I only have 4 cores so I figured it might help.