Project CARS 2 could release in September, new screenshots leak

Not being a serious no-smiles wheel and shift user, I never really got on with pCars, as in I played quite a bit but never found it felt ‘right’ with just a controller. I wonder if the brand is sort of stuck between the sim and more arcade/racer competitors, in a no-mans-land of not being perfect for anyone. It doesn’t seem to be in Assestto or iRacing’s league and isn’t as gamey/fun as Forza or GT ranges etc. pCars 2 looks similar to the 1 so far I think?

I did make about $100 out of the weird pCars crowd-sourcing thing they did (they had to shut that down I believe) and it looks like pCars2 is differently funded.

Believe the term is Simcade :wink: It’s not bad for a bit of fun every now and then, for awhile I had used an old mad catz wheel that had a rumble function with the controler, honestly it was really well done that way and kinda liked it more than their FFB with a “proper” racing wheel.

Think I’m only going to bother with the new one, as nice as it looks, if they can manage to get cars to go around in a circle this time. Road racing is fine, but i don’t want to do it all the time :slight_smile:

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IMO pCars 1 with driver aids disabled could definitely be called a serious sim, albeit not quite on par with Assetto Corsa. They can easily appeal to the masses without destroying the sim aspect. I’m especially interested in how they deliver the rallycross experience.

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Is there any way to try Assetto Corsa without pouring money to it?

I have all the RaceRoom and Race 07 on Steam…
Beside the obviously impressive graphics, what would be the best selling point of Assetto Corsa compared to those?

Paging @guod

No demo, having played it a bit I’m not really sure what a specific selling point would be. I know a lot of folks here have it though and could chime in. Guess it depends what you are looking for, wether it’s worth it or not.

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@komemiute IMO the driving physics in AC is probably the best selling feature. In other words, to compare it to another current racing sim, pCars with AC you have to drive them back to back. And while not exactly splitting hairs, there is a slight advantage to AC in the feel of the car at the limit IMO. You can have loads of fun in both, but in AC you feel a bit more connected to what your tires are doing. It’s a fine line, but if you drive enough, it’s discernible. pCars has beautiful tracks and cars, pretty good physics, and had a console version long before AC. It doesn’t have the community following, but I still enjoy driving it. AC is just better.

Race 07 was really good in its day, and if you don’t spend a lot of time in driving sims, might be worth holding onto. But the newer ones have incredible graphics to go along with equally improved physics.


Coooool! Thanks!